Chuck Werner

Manager Operational Excellence/Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Chuck Werner has been with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center since July 2016. His areas of expertise are in Lean, Six Sigma, Industry 4.0 and Quality. 

Professional Experience
Chuck has accumulated 30 years of experience in manufacturing, most of it as a Tier I supplier in automotive. He worked in several different companies, even working at a bank for almost a year until the “the song of production” lured him back. A fringe benefit of the companies he has been with is having experienced first-hand the benefits of implementing manufacturing technologies and using them to improve products, processes, and services. While most of his time in manufacturing has been in the areas of Operations, Quality, and Engineering, he has found that the Lean and Six Sigma tools are universally applicable regardless of the role.

Chuck served four years in the United States Army in a military intelligence role and holds a Bachelor of Business Leadership from Baker College. He achieved his certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in 1996 and his Master Black Belt certification in 2010. Additionally, he is a Training Within Industry (TWI) Master Trainer and is certified in OSHA Compliance and Accident Reduction. 


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