Leadership / Culture

Cultivate Leadership through Expert Training

Whether it is because of their hard work and dedication or as recognition of their proficiencies, skills and knowledge, employees are promoted into leadership roles for a variety of reasons. While internal promotions can be positive, challenges may arise for those employees in their new role. This is why ongoing supervisor training and development is crucial for personal and business success. Training and development may include a diverse range of topics such as employment law, safety management, finance, corporate procedures and personnel management. The Center offers the following courses for leaders, supervisors and managers: 

  • Building Better Teams
  • Building Culture
  • Building Your Employee Experience
  • Manufacturing Skills Development
  • Supervisor Skills
  • Supervisor Skills 2.0 - Sustained Leadership Program
  • Practical Approach to Project Management Using Smartsheet
  • Finance for the Non-Financial Manager (8 hours)
  • DISTANCE LEARNING: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager (4 hours)

Ongoing training and development are critical to the lasting success of each supervisor. Training should be a process, not a one-time event. Employees and supervisors who feel nurtured and supported will work harder to meet goals and deadlines than employees who feel left behind.


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