Ask The Experts



The coronavirus outbreak has upended daily life and business operations for millions of Americans. Learn more from The Center's experts on how to most efficiently respond to COVID-19.

Q: How can our leaders better motivate and guide team members during this challenging time?
Q: Our company is looking to begin making a new product to help with virus mitigation efforts. How can The Center support our new product launch?
Q: How can we keep up with the rapid increase in demand for our product due to Covid-19?
Q: How can The Center help our company fast track our launch process while avoiding delays and costly mistakes?
Q: My company is looking to produce larger volumes or entirely new products to support critical health and safety efforts during this time. How can The Center help?
Q: With our organization currently shut down due to the virus, how can we use this as an opportunity to organize and clean the facility before starting production again?
Q: How can The Center help manufacturers with their Quality Management Systems through and after the Covid-19 pandemic?
Q: Are there different factors automotive firms must consider when starting back up after this extended shutdown?
Q: How can The Center help my company get back on its feet quickly once the Covid-19 threat subsides?


Navigating the changes that come with new technology can seem daunting. Learn more from The Center's Technology experts on how to prepare your organization for Industry 4.0.

Q: What is Industry 4.0?
Q: What benefits can Industry 4.0 technologies provide?
Q: How can I identify which technologies will make the most sense for my business?
Q: Where do I start with technology adoption?


Read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the industry managed supply chain oversight program that reduces risk to patient safety, assures quality products and compliance with requirements as they apply to critical processes used in the production of medical devices.

Q: What is MedAccred®?
Q: How is MedAccred® different from the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)?
Q: What is MedMMAP and how can it help me?
Q: How will my company benefit from achieving MedAccred® accreditation?
Q: What is a critical process?
Q: What is involved in a critical process compliance audit?



The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center has pooled the expertise of the Quality Services Team to offer insight and direction in navigating the challenges of various Quality Management Systems. 

Q: What is AS9100D?
Q: What is required to achieve AS9100D certification?
Q: What benefits would AS9100D certification provide to my organization?

ISO 9001
Q: ISO 9001 was recently revised. What’s new?
Q: What documentation does ISO 9001 require?
Q: How do I document the "Context of the Organization"?
Q: What's "Risk Based Thinking" and what will the auditor expect to see?
Q: Will my internal audit program have to change to meet ISO 9001:2015?
Q: If the deadline for upgrading to ISO 9001:2015 isn't until Sept. 2018, what's the rush?


Cybersecurity is now firmly at the top of the national agenda as high-profile breaches raise fears that cyber attacks and other security failures could endanger the economy, businesses and individuals. The Center is on the pulse of cybersecurity and what it means for your business. 

Q: What is NIST Special Publication 800-171?
Q: What is Controlled Unclassified Information?
Q: Is there a compliance deadline for NIST Special Publication 800-171?
Q: What happens if my company doesn't implement cybersecurity initiatives?