Specification Management Classes


Explore Our Expert-Led Blueprint Reading & GD&T Training Programs 

Learning how to read documents, projects and specifications is an essential skill for building a career in the manufacturing industry. Since projects can vary from simple to complex, understanding how to interpret the information is critical for completing the project efficiently and accurately. Specification Management courses offered at The Center include:


This one-day interactive course will help equip participants with the skills needed to read and interpret 2D prints.  Participants begin to recognize forms and lines, cut away drawings, drawing conventions and features and dimensions. The issue of tolerancing is addressed with a short overview of statistical basics such as normal distribution and process capability... Learn More


How to interpret a technical drawing is an essential skill to anyone involved in the manufacturing industry, especially prior to learning GD&T. This course is designed for those who need an introduction to drawing interpretation, with a special focus on the most common welding symbols... Learn More


Need a basic understanding of GD&T? This course provides an overview of the GD&T system, proper identification and call out of datum features, and the effect of modifiers, especially MMC. Attendees will also learn how GD&T saves money over traditional tolerances and... Learn More


This GD&T course provides a more comprehensive introduction to understanding GD&T standards and their application. In addition to what is taught in our GD&T Fundamentals course, dive deeper and learn about the GD&T system, proper identification and call out of datum features, the effect of modifiers, how GD&T saves money over traditional tolerances, and... Learn More