Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

What is GD&T?

GD&T stands for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, and is an international language used on business documents and drawings to accurately communicate what is going on in the picture without the use of words. The language is made up of well-defined symbols, rules, definitions and conventions that can be used to describe an object’s geometric qualities. GD&T can describe size, form, orientation and location tolerances. 

This language allows designers to “say what they mean” on their drawings in a manner that is consistent across the industry.  The uniformity in drawing specifications and regulations reduces any guesswork, controversy and assumptions that may be made throughout the manufacturing and inspection process.

What our GD&T Services have to offer

At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, our experienced trainers focus on the most important information to offer you the highest quality GD&T services possible!  Our course materials were developed by Alex Krulikowski, a recognized expert in the field of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and are taught by our experienced instructors.  All of our trainers have at least:

  • Expert knowledge of the Y14.5 standard
  • Current or recent industrial experience with GD&T
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience with GD&T
  • Experience and knowledge using ETI teaching material

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