Risk Management in Food Processing

Food safety plans have saved food processors countless costs and customers by preventing food safety hazards. While there is no denying the importance of food safety plans, at the same time, these plans fail to address and prevent all other types of potential failures in processes that are not defined as “hazardous.”

For example, how often has your company:

  • Improperly cooked a product
  • Created inconsistent products
  • Realized packaging was inadequate
  • Used too much or too little seasoning/flavoring
  • Experienced problems with packaging material or in the packing process

None of these situations falls under the category of “food safety hazard,” yet they can still lead to immense losses in productivity, profitability and, perhaps most importantly, customer satisfaction. To prevent problems like this, risk management can help.

Turn Potential Failures into Success with Risk Management

Drawing from a number of effective, time-tested risk management tools used in traditional manufacturing facilities, including FMEAs and Pareto Diagrams, The Center has developed a course catered specifically around the common risks and challenges of food processors.

Geared toward owners, supervisors, plant managers and even line workers in food processing plants, this course utilizes both lecture and hands-on applications to equip participants with essential skills in identifying and correcting failures, with the ultimate goal of improving customer satisfaction. Over the course of a day and a half, The Center’s experts work on-site with your organization to look at various aspects of a given process and identify where a potential failure could occur.

Used in conjunction with food safety plans, risk management tools enable food processors to find and eliminate all types of risk – not just those that are hazardous – while providing safe, high-quality food on time, every time.

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