Industry 4.0: Using Technology to Improve Manufacturing

The Roadmap to Industry 4.0

Digitization has found its way into daily life and has heralded a new era in manufacturing. It has created opportunities for improved efficiency, higher revenues and increased innovation.

Often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or “Industry 4.0,” this shift is transforming U.S. manufacturing by allowing manufacturers to design, model and validate products in a virtual world. 

Nine technology trends form the building blocks of Industry 4.0. They include: 


  • Enhances computational power and connectivity 
  • Promotes human-machine interaction 
  • Focuses on analytics and intelligence 
  • Encourages advanced production methods 


It is easy to become overwhelmed when considering adopting new technologies. The first step to implementing technology is to understand the voices of both the business and the customer to identify how the organization could benefit from innovations. Proper prioritization using a needs-based assessment can result in an adoption that is both strategically sound and capable of generating savings to support further investments going forward.


Drawing from knowledge and experience with the many disciplines of Industry 4.0, The Center’s experts help manufacturers understand how technology could aid in their business growth and assist with implementation. Using our Opportunity Assessment, we work with you in a hands-on, personalized capacity to enable your company to identify technologies that will provide maximum improvements and return on investment.

The Center’s two-hour Opportunity Assessment involves answering 40 quantitative and qualitative questions. Questions are related to the Voice of Business/Voice of Customer, Systems such as documented processes or standard work procedures, and Technology including any existing applications of automation in your facility. Using data and information provided by your company, The Center assigns rankings to each response according to how strong your current practices are for each category, effectively highlighting the main opportunities for improvement. 

Based on the findings from the questionnaire and observations made during the assessment, we generate a summary report outlining opportunities for business improvement and increased efficiency. The Center is then able to create a unique and personalized plan for technology implementation within your facility. Suggestions are based on identified opportunities for improvement and areas that could most benefit from technology adoption, complete with projected returns on investment.

With expertise in project management, The Center can help establish an adoption strategy, scope the project, align suppliers with vetted resources and manage implementations to ensure business and customer needs are met.


To demonstrate some of the applications, The Center has implemented various Industry 4.0 technologies to create our "Real Factory 4.0". This technology-driven environment provides clients with the opportunity to not only observe and learn about technology, but to gain a truly hands-on experience with it as well. This simulated factory involves examples of sensors and IIoT, data and analysis, assistive reality, cobotics, 3D design, simulation and additive manufacturing, all in a cyber-secure environment. 

To learn more about how The Center can assist in your technological implementations, contact us at or 888.414.6682.