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Overcoming Workforce Challenges in Manufacturing

6/24/2024 Workforce shortages and skills gaps are some of the greatest hurdles reported by Michigan manufacturers in recent years. It’s clear: manufacturers need a pipeline of skilled and dedicated talent to fortify their operations, stay competitive, and secure their futures in the industry.

Streamlining Manufacturing Jobs and Operations with Automation

5/22/2024 Automation has many benefits for small and midsize manufacturers, and in today’s competitive job market, augmenting your workforce is a big perk. Automation, in general, enables machines to perform functions with minimal to no human intervention. Whether you use cloud-based software to analyze data or employ robotics equipment to make work easier and safer for existing staff, automated tools can boost productivity and morale across your organization.

Should the Federal Government be Your Next Customer?

4/29/2024 The federal government in particular has a vested interest in supporting small businesses in manufacturing and other industries, and uses its purchasing power to help job-creating companies thrive. Read on for five initial questions to ask yourself if you are considering a move into the federal contracting marketplace.

Revolutionizing Efficiency: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

3/25/2024 In the ever-evolving landscape of business, efficiency is the key to success, and one area where this is particularly crucial is supply chain management. Industries are becoming more complex and globalized, and traditional supply chain management methods aren’t cutting it. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI), a game-changing technology that is transforming the way businesses manage their supply chains.

Does Additive Equal Innovation for Your Company?

2/26/2024 Today, companies are envisioning—and producing—designs that wouldn’t be possible with traditional, subtractive manufacturing methods. The question today is no longer “Can I transition production of Widget X to additive manufacturing?” but instead “How does additive’s potential change how I design Widget X?”

The Future of Manufacturing in Michigan

1/29/2024 As we face the impact of technology, increased global competition, and an ongoing labor shortage, our ingenuity and resilience will be crucial to creating an even brighter future. So what should be our priorities to keep Michigan manufacturers leading the charge?

Food Manufacturing with an Industry 4.0 Twist

12/21/2023 Food processors large and small help us pack, preserve, and share delicious foods across our state and nation. Industry 4.0 technology is making it possible for food manufacturers to streamline operations and enhance quality.

Recognizing the Vital Role of Quality Management During World Quality Week and Month

11/27/2023 From November 6th-10th, manufacturers globally recognized World Quality Week and celebrated the role of quality management professionals in establishing systems and best practices that move our industry forward; many companies continue this recognition throughout the entire month.

During National Manufacturing Month and Every Day, We’re Strengthening Michigan’s Manufacturing Sector

10/30/2023 At MMTC, we believe in manufacturing’s power to create a brighter future, and the statistics are on our side: Every dollar invested in manufacturing adds roughly $2.60 to the U.S. economy.

Planning for the Planned and Unplanned: Automotive Shutdowns & Restarts

10/27/2023 - BY: CHUCK WERNER
As a consequence of the ongoing strike and negotiations between the UAW and the American Auto Manufacturers, many suppliers to the OEMs (and suppliers to those suppliers) are seeing decreases in demand that could result in the idling of lines or even entire facilities. Driven by the voice of the customer (VOC) and in the best interest of the business, it was necessary to have a plan for how these functions were to be conducted.

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