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From lost productivity to late deliveries, our lean manufacturing services cater to a number of issues faced by many manufacturing organizations. Organizations that participate in our lean manufacturing training will leave with the insight and strategy to implement lean methodologies to eliminate waste through continuous improvement. We offer lean manufacturing training and consulting to teach leadership teams many of the core methodologies and tools utilized in lean processes, taught by our experienced lean program managers.  

Being Successful at Lean Manufacturing

We see the most success from our clients when there is a strong commitment from leadership to train staff on the new implementation methods taught by The Center. We send our clients home with a thorough implementation strategy which requires adequate time and commitment when introducing to staff. Our clients see improvements in the following areas:

Increasing profitability

Improved sustainability

A solid roadmap for the future

Our Experts are Here to Help You!

Our lean manufacturing consultants want to help your company discover ways to improve processes. The lean manufacturing training services at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center will provide your company with the necessary tools to eliminate waste and strengthen processes for today and the future. Schedule your free assessment today to get started.

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