Industry 4.0 Classes


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In the ever-evolving industry landscape, The Center has developed innovative classes to assist manufacturers in better understanding the benefits of Industry 4.0 technology for successful implementation in their business. Our new courses offered include:


Gain an understanding of the Industry 4.0 technologies that have changed the way businesses design, test, manufacture and service products. Class discussions center around the ways in which different technologies – including 3D Scanning/Design, Product/Process Simulation, Digital Twin, Smart Products and Additive Manufacturing – can be applied to continuously improve all aspects of operations, complete with ROI calculations and expected benefits of implementation... Learn More


Acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the technologies used to achieve interconnectivity of process equipment for data collection, process/product improvement and process control. With technologies such as sensors, the Internet of Things and machine monitoring effectively in place, manufacturers can gain a real-time, comprehensive view of current operations to identify key areas in need of improvement and make corrective actions in the moment... Learn More


Offered through Schoolcraft College, and in collaboration with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, this certification provides students with the skills needed to be on the path to success within the world of manufacturing. This program is open to people new to manufacturing and to those who are looking to grow within the industry... Learn More


This class provides an overview of Enhanced Operations Management (EOM) and how it can be used with technology to make systems implementation easier and improve business operations. Class topics covered include the components of EOM, Big Data and Analytics, System Integration and insight for how to get started. Participants will leave with an understanding of the benefits of implementing technology in their operational management system... Learn More


Learn how Industry 4.0 technologies can be used to assist team members in the performance of their jobs. Better understand how technologies such as Robots/Cobots, Augmented & Virtual Reality and System Integration, support workers and help eliminate sources of waste to increase employee engagement, productivity, quality and cost savings... Learn More

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