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The Center is equipped to help your company proactively prepare for a more advanced future. Using our Technology Opportunity Assessment, our experts work with you in a hands-on, personalized capacity to enable your company to identify technologies that will provide maximum improvements and return on investment (ROI).

  1. Two Hours. 40 questions. No Cost. Questions relate to the Voice of Business/Voice of Customer, Systems such as documented processes or standard work procedures, and Technology including any existing applications of automation in your facility.
  2. Assessment Summary Report. Based on the findings from the questionnaire and observations made during the assessment, we generate a summary report outlining opportunities for business improvement and increased efficiency.
  3. Personalized Implementation Plan. A unique and personalized technology implementation plan is created, addressing needs and ROI opportunities.
  4. Moving forward. The Center can help establish an adoption strategy, scope the project, align suppliers with vetted resources and manage implementations to ensure business and customer needs are met.


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New Initiative Targets Industry 4.0 Awareness

Working to extend Michigan’s national leadership in advanced manufacturing, the Michigan Strategic Fund approved a statewide effort to ensure 50% – or 6,200 businesses – of Michigan manufacturers are prepared to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies at some level by 2025. The initiative includes efforts to drive awareness on the importance of Industry 4.0 readiness and technical support to help small- to medium-sized manufacturers adopt Industry 4.0 technologies.

Approximately 42% of Michigan’s current labor force could be negatively impacted by automation. There is a strong need for a multipronged effort to ensure small to medium-sized manufacturers adopt Industry 4.0 technologies to sustain and grow the future of Michigan manufacturing.


As part of the proposed grant agreement, the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) is partnering with Automation Alley and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to advance adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies by Michigan manufacturers through development in areas including an in-depth assessment to demonstrate opportunities for business improvement and increased efficiency, including a unique and personalized plan for technology implementation within each facility, technology roadshows to present each of the Industry 4.0 technologies through interactive experiences and course trainings including a general overview and in-depth review of key technologies.