Culture/Leadership Team

Michael Beels

Lean Program Manager

Michael’s areas of expertise include Leadership training and mentoring, Workforce Engagement and the Employee Experience, Culture, Communication and Succession Planning, as well as the entire portfolio of Lean strategies and methodologies, having led more than 100 kaizen/workshop events.

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Lynn Geiger

Assistant Trainer/Client Coordinator, The Center-Northern Michigan

Lynn Geiger is an Assistant Trainer/Client Coordinator for The Center's Northern Michigan office. She is involved with a variety of Leadership topics and is responsible for scheduling client logistics.

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Karen Goike

Senior Business Advisor, The Center-Northern Michigan

Karen has more than 25 years of experience in project management and business analysis. She is a certified Project Management Professional and Lean Office Champion.

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Miguel Gomez

Quality Program Manager

Miguel is a Quality Program Manager at The Center. In his role, Miguel manages and delivers training and implementation assistance for Quality and Environmental Management Systems. In addition to Quality mentoring, Miguel also provides consulting in leadership development, helping clients build stronger skills with communication, time management and employee engagement.

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Kevin Olds

Director, Northern Lower Region, The Center-Northern Michigan

Kevin is a highly accomplished business leader with more than 10 years of military experience and more than 10 years in the manufacturing industry.

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Martina Scholl-High

Business Advisor, The Center-Northern Michigan

Martina Scholl-High is a Business Advisor at The Center’s Northern Michigan office. Drawing from her background in business administration and management, Martina provides expert guidance to manufacturers in Northern Michigan.

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George Singos

Strategy & Partner Relations Manager

George Singos is the Strategy & Partner Relations Manager for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. George brings with him more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in various capacities, including Business Development, Sales & Marketing Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Costing, Scheduling, Plant Supervision and Metallurgical Lab Management.

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John Spillson

Food Business Development Manager, Lean Business & Leadership Advisor

Since joining The Center in 2014, John Spillson has worked to mentor manufacturers on Lean and Leadership strategies, as well as provide expert support to food processors.

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Richard Wolin

Regional V.P. & Director of Northern Michigan Operations

Richard has been with Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) since 1987, Director of Training since 2001, and Director of the Northern office of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center since 2003.  Richard is the creator of the Active Learning Model training hundreds of Michigan companies in Leadership, Team, and Lean skills by applying the ALMTM model. He and his staff have also trained leading companies to use the ALMTM internally.

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