Leadership Team

Ingrid Tighe


Ingrid Tighe is the President of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center). She is responsible for The Center’s statewide network of five offices, its innovation and growth strategies, and for building and maintaining relationships with Michigan’s industry clients, partners and state and federal governmental stakeholders.

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Jim Gorman

Vice President, Business Development & Strategy

Jim Gorman is the Vice President, Business Development & Strategy at The Center. In this role, Jim is responsible for new and existing client engagements through strategy development and implementation. He oversees the Business Solutions Team to ensure Michigan manufacturers receive the service and support they need.

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Tina Hurite

Vice President, Operations

Tina Hurite is dedicated to driving advancements in Michigan manufacturing. As the Vice President of Operations at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), Tina oversees the daily operations of multiple departments including Manufacturing Services, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Facilities.

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Terry Hossink

Vice President, Manufacturing Services, The Center-West

As the leader of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West (The Center-West) team, Terry is responsible for working with small manufacturers in West Michigan to help them assess their opportunities for continuous improvement and growth.

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Richard Wolin

Regional V.P. & Director of Northern Michigan Operations

Richard has been with Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) since 1987, Director of Training since 2001, and Director of the Northern office of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center since 2003.  Richard is the creator of the Active Learning Model training hundreds of Michigan companies in Leadership, Team, and Lean skills by applying the ALMTM model. He and his staff have also trained leading companies to use the ALMTM internally.

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