Success with The Center

Michigan Manufacturing Success Stories

For more than 25 years, we have been helping small to mid-size manufacturing companies and their staff achieve excellence in their field.  By providing them with personalized services and skills training we have been able to watch them grow exponentially over the years.

In fact, over the past year alone, our clients have seen:

  • $83.2 million in created sales
  • $738.2 million in retained sales
  • $54.9 million in cost savings
  • 6,764 jobs created/retained
  • $173.7 million in investments made

We take pride in our clients' successes and want to share a few with you.

Featured Success Stories:

Michigan Seamless Tube

Manufacturing, Quality Systems;Workforce Engagement
MST decided to prioritize both quality and leadership initiatives at their facility. With their TS 16949 certification set to expire, MST decided to transition to ISO 9001:2015. However, after their long-term Quality Manager left the company, MST needed assistance with the transition to the new standard. They also wanted to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of their operations team.

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Mercury Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing, Website Development
Mercury’s website was no longer effectively conveying the process and product expertise they had achieved over the years. With the goal of reaching new markets and strengthening their brand to attract customers, they knew their nearly 10-year-old website needed an overhaul. Having worked professionally with The Center in the past, Mercury Manufacturing was eager to begin the project.

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DeWitt's Radiator, LLC

Quality Systems
Although not currently a customer requirement, DeWitts™ identified an opportunity to achieve ISO certification in order to obtain more controlled processes, higher product yield, more consistent results, increased margins and, importantly, a competitive advantage. To assist with the certification process, The Center conducted an ISO 9001:2015 Organizational Implementation with DeWitts™.

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SMI Aerospace

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions;Workforce Engagement
With several new product launches underway, the management team felt the company could benefit from further training in order to improve their project management skills while maximizing impacts of future product development. SMI partnered with The Center for a 12-week project management course.

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Spartan Steel Coating LLC

Manufacturing, Six Sigma
Spartan Steel sought to improve several areas in production to save costs. They identified an opportunity to modify and improve the tension leveler, which is used to elongate and shape coiled steel, as it was costing the company more than $165,000 a year to maintain with no surcharge to customers.

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LEAN Business Solutions
Because of competitive pressure, Flexfab was forced to consider moving some of its operations to China. To keep their Hastings location competitive, Flexfab reached out to the The Center-West for expert guidance. Following a review of the value stream, a structured Operating System assessment was provided by The Center-West to develop a plan of action.

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Means Industries

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions;Quality Systems
Means is committed to consistently investing in training for new and existing employees, recognizing the value provided to individuals and the positive impact on business results. As part of onboarding, in addition to ongoing employee development, Means prioritizes training initiatives to ensure all workers have the skills needed to contribute to Means’ culture of continuous improvement.

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Dyna Products

LEAN Business Solutions
Following a recent move to a new facility, Dyna Products was experiencing typical business growing pains. In evaluating their challenges, the team recognized they needed to embrace a Lean manufacturing system if they wanted to manage their growth profitably.

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