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Michigan Manufacturing Success Stories

For more than 25 years, we have been helping small to mid-size manufacturing companies and their staff achieve excellence in their field.  By providing them with personalized services and skills training we have been able to watch them grow exponentially over the years.

In fact, over the past year alone, our clients have seen:

  • $139.4 million in created sales
  • $537.5 million in retained sales
  • $70.7 million in cost savings
  • 3,771 jobs created/retained
  • $195.8 million in investments made

We take pride in our clients' successes and want to share a few with you.

Featured Success Stories:

Avon Gear

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions;Website Development
Avon Gear designs and produces large, complex, precision parts for heavy equipment industries. Avon Gear turned to MMTC for guidance in operational improvements and to reposition them to regain market share. Throughout a series of improvement events, including building a new website, hosting multiple kaizen events and implementing a standard work process, Avon Gear boasted great results.

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Crown Group

LEAN Business Solutions
The Crown Group (TCG) is a component finisher supplying coating services to the automotive, agricultural, construction, heavy truck, military and alternative energy markets. With a significant amount of new business, TCG needed to improve workflow to accommodate for increased production requirements. After a 3-day VSM engagement with MMTC, TCG created a created a future state map.

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Tawas Plating

Manufacturing, Market Diversification
After the Great Recession, Tawas Plating knew they had to make some changes. The TPC staff worked with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC) to identify new markets to diversify into. TPC was successful at accessing the heavy equipment and medical industries. So far, TPC has diversified over 10% of its revenues to nonautomotive customers, and that diversification continues to grow.

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Monroe Environmental Corporation

Machinery, Website Development
Monroe Environmental Corporation, located in Monroe, MI, is a privately-held company of 60 people. They design and manufacture air pollution control and water/wastewater treatment systems. Monroe Environmental Corporation’s website was showing its age. They wanted a fresh look, mobile optimization, increased engagement and more web traffic.

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PTM Corporation

Website Development
PTM Corp., a family-owned company specializing in metal stamping, is based in Fair Haven, MI with 268 employees. PTM reached out to The Center to execute a complete website redesign to modernize the company. With updated images and smarter text, The Center achieved the “cool” vibe PTM was looking for. Website pages nearly doubled—allowing for improved organic ratings, increased traffic, & more.

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Ti-Coating, Inc.

Manufacturing, Website Development
Ti-Coating offers thin film coating technology, service and equipment to the metal removal and metal forming industries. Ti-Coating’s outdated website was in need of a major overhaul. Over the project course, The Center upgraded Ti-Coating’s website to WordPress allowing for: blog functionality, enhanced SEO capabilities, and Google translation.

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Happy Howie's

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions
Happy Howie's, a producer of all 100% all natural pet treats, came to the The Center needing to streamline their packaging process. With lean training, this process was improved and allowed Happy Howie’s to increase packaging efficiency and resources/staff utilization. After these changes were made, however, the company was having trouble tracking the impact of these improvements.

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DWM Holdings

LEAN Business Solutions
DWM Holdings ( based in Warren, Michigan,acts as the umbrella company for a portfolio of steel and aluminum light pole manufacturing brand companies. DWM Holdings’ products are built using fabricating and welding procedures. DWM has 93 dedicated team members. DWM needed to re-haul it's manufacturing facility to address issues of inventory control and long lead times.

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Triple K Irrigation

Website Development
Triple K Irrigation distributes products for agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential use. Wanting to grow sales, Triple K knew their website was in need of a refresh. They wanted to rebrand and enhance their site for a more user-friendly experience. The Center’s experts resolved these issues by changing their web platform to WordPress, improving navigation, and creating a new design.

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Avalon & Tahoe

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions
Avalon and Tahoe, the 5th largest pontoon manufacturer in the world, needed to improve plant capacity to fulfill the rapidly growing number of customer orders. Avalon's team worked with The Center to train company leaders in lean principles, kanban, VSM, kaizen, plant layout, and team development. As a result, product flow improved, decreasing lead time and increasing capacity.

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Composite Builders

Market Diversification
Composite Builders is a family-owned fabricator of structures and components using advanced fiber materials and fiber reinforced polymers. As a new startup company, were faced with the challenge to increase their market visibility to promote growth. Composite Builders contacted The Center to discuss and learn about the organization’s Growth and Innovation Services available to support them.

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Hilite International

Manufacturing, Six Sigma
Hilite is laser-focused on quality and efficiency, with a goal of zero defects throughout the production process. Rather than spending extra time and money to rework defective parts, they wanted to eliminate defects all together. After consulting with the experts at The Center, they decided Six Sigma was the route to take.

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Jackson Tumble Finish Corporation

Manufacturing, Website Development

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Ethel's Baking Company

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions
Owner Jill Bommarito feared that Ethel’s had outgrown their current facility and was actively searching for a new one. During the initial visit, The Center quickly realized the current layout wasn’t working because they weren’t using the space in the most efficient manner.

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Castino Corporation

Chemicals, LEAN Business Solutions
The team at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) met with Castino Corporation’s key employees at their Romulus, Mich., headquarters. They examined their processes and carefully analyzed the layout of the building. It was determined that Castino Corporation could benefit from 5S Visual Management.

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MNP Corporation

Manufacturing, Workforce Engagement
It was the right time for MNP to invest in its people—more specifically, their supervisors. MNP wanted to improve employee retention, strengthen their supervisors’ skills to enhance performance, solve conflict and motivate their teams to achieve goals. Ten supervisors from MNP attended The Center’s 4-day, hands-on Supervisory Skills workshop.

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Ace Controls

Machinery, Workforce Engagement
ACE Controls is the internationally recognized expert in the field of industrial damping technology. ACE wanted to improve communication between shifts and departments in order to minimize duplicated efforts, maximize efficiency, solve conflict and motivate teams to achieve goals. The Supervisory Skills training offered by The Center was the right option for long lasting benefits.

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Coe Press Equipment

Machinery, LEAN Business Solutions

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Fleet Engineers

LEAN Business Solutions
Fleet Engineers produces a wide variety of products for the Heavy Truck and Trailer markets in North America. For continued growth, part of their strategy was through the acquisition of smaller companies. Fleet reached out to The Center-West for help and assistance in identifying resources that could help them find companies with complementing products that fit within their product scope.

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1668 Winery

1668 Winery opened in April 2015 and even though all the pieces seemed to be in place, there were issues.1668 Winery faced problems with inventory management, unsustainable margins, and product control. The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s Upper Peninsula office, Northern Initiatives, helped pinpoint margin deficiencies which resulted in significant increases in the winery’s bottom line.

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Advanced Blending Solutions

Quality Systems
ABS knew consistently providing quality products and service would be the key to maintaining their trajectory and gaining ISO 9001:2008 certification would solidify their high standards for the future. ABS partnered with The Center-UP in their ISO journey by providing a consultant who helped ABS implement ISO within their facility.

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Britten Banners

Communications, LEAN Business Solutions
Britten Studios was enduring problems with over production, repeating transactions, and cutting it close to due dates. Britten had no idea that these were even problems, and just thought that’s how it would always be. The waste of time was accumulating to where Britten knew it was time to adjust their work spaces with Lean in order to build as a company and brand. They decided to employ lean.

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M R Products Inc.

LEAN Business Solutions
M R Products’ owner, Maree Mulvoy, began to realize two big problems could affect the business and growth of her company. One of the problems was the need to lower costs in order to compete with Asian manufacturers. The other issue was growth management. By participating in The Center’s Lean Champion Certification, M R Products would be able to address these issues and continue to grow.

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Peninsular Cylinder Co.

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions;Market Diversification
Peninsular Cylinder Co. tried several different ways to increase efficiency and boost profitability. They were looking for smarter solutions to increase on-time deliveries, improve inventory turns, reduce scrap and rework, and reduce cost.

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