Success with The Center

Michigan Manufacturing Success Stories

For more than 25 years, we have been helping small to mid-size manufacturing companies and their staff achieve excellence in their field.  By providing them with personalized services and skills training we have been able to watch them grow exponentially over the years.

In fact, over the past year alone, our clients have seen:

  • $250.7 million in created sales
  • $1.6 billion in retained sales
  • $81.7 million in cost savings
  • 10,651 jobs created/retained
  • $195.7 million in investments made

We take pride in our clients' successes and want to share a few with you.

Featured Success Stories:

Hilite International

Manufacturing, Six Sigma
Hilite is laser-focused on quality and efficiency, with a goal of zero defects throughout the production process. Rather than spending extra time and money to rework defective parts, they wanted to eliminate defects all together. After consulting with the experts at The Center, they decided Six Sigma was the route to take.

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Timber Products

LEAN Business Solutions
Timber Products wanted to identify the most effective ways to invest limited resources of time and money into the facility. The Center performed a Lean operational assessment of Timber Products which included developing a value-stream map of the operation, data mining and analyzing high-level operational metrics over a long-term period.

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JC Gibbons Manufacturing

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions;Quality Systems
Committed to advancing the skills of their workers while generating significant impacts to the company, JC Gibbons Manufacturing was interested in finding a variety of training to improve business practices in various areas. They wanted to ensure focus was placed on maintaining quality throughout their processes while identifying additional areas where production could be improved.

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Michigan Seamless Tube

Manufacturing, Quality Systems;Workforce Engagement
MST decided to prioritize both quality and leadership initiatives at their facility. With their TS 16949 certification set to expire, MST decided to transition to ISO 9001:2015. However, after their long-term Quality Manager left the company, MST needed assistance with the transition to the new standard. They also wanted to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of their operations team.

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Weld Mold

Quality Systems
Recognizing the importance of achieving certifications in quality, Weld Mold planned to transition from the ISO 9001:2008 standard to ISO 9001:2015. However, following personnel changes, Weld Mold management felt additional employees would benefit from training on how to effectively transition their Quality Management System (QMS) to the new standard.

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Mercury Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing, Website Development
Mercury’s website was no longer effectively conveying the process and product expertise they had achieved over the years. With the goal of reaching new markets and strengthening their brand to attract customers, they knew their nearly 10-year-old website needed an overhaul. Having worked professionally with The Center in the past, Mercury Manufacturing was eager to begin the project.

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National Flavors

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions
With plans to move into a new facility, National Flavors wanted to be as prepared as possible for the transition. They understood that for their relocation to be successful, they needed to plan for how to establish and maintain a clean, organized and efficient workplace at their new location. To achieve this, they expressed interest in key staff receiving Lean training.

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Milton Manufacturing

Manufacturing, LEAN Business Solutions;Quality Systems
Milton recognized they were experiencing production issues in several areas but struggled to locate where they were coming from. In addition to production issues, as the company’s processes had grown in complexity, tracking performance had not. They knew they needed to hire, but without data they didn’t know which departments and which roles were priority.

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Digital Tool & Die, Inc.

LEAN Business Solutions
Digital Tool & Die was lacking an infrastructure and operations system for measuring key metrics. And, with no standard operating procedures or written/trained processes in place, productivity and efficiency were declining. To accomplish their company goals, Digital Tool & Die’s financial performance first was assessed using The Center’s proprietary Transformation Planner.

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Petoskey Plastics

Chemicals, LEAN Business Solutions
Following an employee’s suggestion, the management team at Petoskey Plastics identified an opportunity to restructure the production floor to reduce overtime. Petoskey Plastics learned about the Lean Manufacturing Champion course at The Center-Northern Lower, which could help Petoskey Plastics make much-needed improvements to their production floor.

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