Quality Management at The Center

When it comes to developing a quality management system (QMS), there are many factors you need to consider. In order to develop your company’s overarching structure for processes, resources and goals aimed at meeting a required quality standard through continuous improvement and employee training, you must first have a resource to help consult your efforts.  At The Center, we offer an extensive QMS training program that will provide you and your staff with the assets to achieve a high functioning QMS.

When your QMS is properly implemented you can expect results like:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Meeting Customer Requirements
  • Improved Organizational Effectiveness
  • Compliance with Standards and Regulations
  • Establishment of Goals and Objectives
  • Improved Documentation

The Center also offers a QMS consulting service that is centered on registering a quality management system to a quality standard (ISO, AS, etc.).  This includes assistance in developing and implementing a QMS, internal audit conduct and management representative mentoring. 

QMS Classes

At The Center, we believe in an all-encompassing education to help your business’ success in the future. We know that there is more to the learning process than lectures and exams; that’s why we focus on a more hands on experience. Training sessions are offered in open enrollment format or on-site for employees. QMS classes offered at The Center include: 

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