Research Services Team

Shelly Stobierski

Manager of Research Services

Shelly Stobierski is the Director of Research Services for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. She has more than 15 years of market research experience...

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Parul Bansal

Market Intelligence Consultant

Parul has more than seven years of experience conducting market research and competitive intelligence studies. In her role as a Market Intelligence Consultant at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center), Parul creates custom market research and competitive intelligence reports based on primary and secondary research sources, and she supports supplier scouting efforts The Center conducts on behalf of Pure Michigan Business Connect and other manufacturers and entrepreneurs. 

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Kathleen Hadley

Market Research Consultant

Kathleen is a Market Research Consultant with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, where she conducts research to support small and medium-sized manufacturers as they grow their businesses.

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Rebekah McCarter

Lead Supplier Scout

After 19 years with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, Rebekah views her fundamental responsibility as head cheerleader and advocate on behalf of Michigan’s manufacturing community.

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Brian Tell

Senior Research Consultant

With more than 25 years of experience in market research, Brian uses his analytical skills and knowledge of the industry to provide manufacturers with the insight and support necessary to succeed. In his role, Brian conducts market research and competitive intelligence to support The Center’s clients and initiatives.

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