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Six Sigma refers to a data driven approach for analyzing the operational and transactional processes of a company and modifying or eliminating inefficient steps to improve overall effectiveness and to reduce errors. Today, most manufacturing organizations are unable to meet Six Sigma requirements due to poorly optimized operational processes. The Center's courses combine proven problem solving methods with powerful statistical tools to construct a reliable roadmap to improve business operations. Six Sigma courses offered at The Center include:


This course focuses on advanced experimental design techniques for variable type response data. Topics covered include a full review of proper design of experiments and analysis, statistically sound approaches for quickly finding significant factors, accounting for nuisance noise variables, multiple approaches for process or product optimization, and techniques for analyzing multiple response variables simultaneously... Learn More

Advanced Problem Solving: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CEU Credits: 2.1)

This three-day course develops the skills necessary to become a critical part in any organization’s quality improvement initiatives. It provides a strong foundation of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies for meaningful participation in Six Sigma project teams led by Certified Green or Black Belts. For organizations that do not currently have any Green or Black Belts, this training is the first step towards transitioning to a process improvement culture... Learn More

Introduction to Design of Experiments (doe)

Many Design of Experiments (DOE) result in a lack of findings or improvements, and even some of those that are effective are inefficient because they are focusing on too many potential root causes. In this course, we focus on attempting to ascertain whether a DOE is truly necessary, and how to make one as efficient and effective as possible... Learn More  

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (CEU Credits: 5.6)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification training covers the application of established techniques to remove waste, improve operational speed, lower costs and deliver ultimate customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification focuses on improved quality and accuracy, minimized cost and variation, on-time delivery and optimized operational speed, all of which enable organizations to become more efficient, profitable and flexible producers... Learn More

MiniTab Training

This course is ideal for individuals wanting to improve their MiniTab skills. Individuals with no previous MiniTab experience who need to use the software to create and manipulate data files, conduct basic data analysis, conduct basic quality tools such as Run Charts, Pareto Charts and Cause and Effect Diagrams, or who set-up a DOE Run Matrix should register... Learn More

Six Sigma Black Belt (CEU Credits: 7.0)

Certified Six Sigma Black Belts have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the DMAIC model in accordance with six sigma principles. They have basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, are able to identify non-value-added elements and activities and are able to use specific tools. Become a Six Sigma Black Belt!... Learn More

Six Sigma Green Belt (CEU Credits: 3.5)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification provides the participant with a coordinated approach to rapidly reduce errors, streamline activities in difficult or complex operational transactions and foster company-wide innovation. Deploying Lean Six Sigma Green Belt initiatives can dramatically reduce operational constraints by utilizing proven lean and six sigma methods to optimize critical processes... Learn More

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