Experts at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) can help. We can deploy subject matter experts (SME) to your company to do the hands-on work necessary to complete a project and drive benefits to your bottom line. SMEs can identify solution sets and help select a desired path forward with business impact. This is an effective approach where staffing with specific skillsets can be extremely challenging.


Wouldn’t it be cost effective to have a supply of subject matter experts that could quickly help identify solutions to productivity issues when needed? Imagine being able to bring in experts to your company to focus on your principal challenges, define options and execute solutions. The Center can provide that person for you, enabling your company to achieve critical milestones and impact your bottom line, even when skilled resources are beyond your reach.

  • COMPANY A has a critical line that is producing below required run rates. They are behind on shipments and incurring overtime and premium freight charges that are eroding profits. With The Center’s Specialty Solutions, The Center deploys a Lean subject matter expert to go on site and run the line. The SME will assess the situation and work with Company A’s team to implement immediate solutions while training the existing staff on how to track and sustain improvements.
  • COMPANY B has a large backlog of corrective actions that have not been acted upon or closed out. Cost of quality is rising, and rework and inspection staffing is problematic. Thanks to Specialty Solutions, The Center can send in a Quality SME to focus on this issue, get the corrective actions completed and create audits for sustainability.
  • COMPANY C is quicky running out of warehouse space causing an unsafe environment and the potential need for costly offsite storage. The Specialty Solutions expert will execute a value stream map, identify opportunities to reduce inventory, improve flow, and reduce waste and then project manage the implementation of those opportunities.

Other problem sets where impact to the bottom line is affected include layout design, quality audits, capability
analysis and changeover review.


Interested companies looking to improve can follow these steps below to utilize our highly skilled experts.

  • Schedule a walk-through meeting with The Center to help us better understand your needs
  • Receive a quote for expected time, cost and return on investment
  • The SME will create a project charter to ensure expectations are aligned, scope is agreed upon and needed resources are available during the kickoff meeting

To get started or learn more about Specialty Solutions, contact us at or click here.