Lean Team

Michael Beels

Lean Program Manager

Michael’s areas of expertise include Leadership training and mentoring, Workforce Engagement and the Employee Experience, Culture, Communication and Succession Planning, as well as the entire portfolio of Lean strategies and methodologies, having led more than 100 kaizen/workshop events.

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Karen Goike

Senior Business Advisor

Karen has more than 25 years of experience in project management and business analysis. She is a certified Project Management Professional and Lean Office Champion.

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Kevin Olds

Director, Northern Lower Region

Kevin is a highly accomplished business leader with more than 10 years of military experience and more than 10 years in the manufacturing industry.

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Kristin Smith

Director, Upper Peninsula

As The Center's Upper Peninsula Director she is responsible for supporting manufacturers in the U.P. Kristin is passionate about process improvement, project management, account development, client support and product roll outs. 

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John Spillson

Food Business Development Manager, Lean Business & Leadership Advisor

Since joining The Center in 2014, John Spillson has worked to mentor manufacturers on Lean and Leadership strategies, as well as provide expert support to food processors.

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Robert S. Stauffer

Senior Lean, Costing & Project Management Consultant

Rob Stauffer has been a Program Manager in The Center’s Lean Business Solutions program for 15 years. He has trained and mentored Michigan companies...

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Jered Tyack

Lean Program Manager

Jered Tyack is a Lean Program Manager at The Center. In his role, Jered provides custom training and mentoring to Michigan manufacturers on Lean principles and tools, helping them to reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve workplace culture.

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Chuck Werner

Manager Operational Excellence/Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Chuck Werner has been with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center since July 2016. His areas of expertise are in Lean, Six Sigma, Industry 4.0 and Quality.

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Betsy Williams

Senior Business Development Advisor

Former travel executive and consultant, Betsy has more than 30 years of operational development and management experience. She is a SHRM Human Resource Specialist and is a Certified Lean Champion.

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Richard Wolin

Regional V.P. & Director of Northern Michigan Operations

Richard has been with Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) since 1987, Director of Training since 2001, and Director of the Northern office of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center since 2003.  Richard is the creator of the Active Learning Model training hundreds of Michigan companies in Leadership, Team, and Lean skills by applying the ALMTM model. He and his staff have also trained leading companies to use the ALMTM internally.

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