Sustaining Best Practices with Digital Process Control

Utilizing Industry 4.0 technologies is the future of the manufacturing industry. It is essential for your business to stay up to date with the latest ways to improve your operations and retain your employees.
At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center), we are committed to helping your organization grow through our latest Industry 4.0 classes in Enhanced Operations Management, Human Machine Interaction, Digital Process Control and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.
After learning about Enhanced Operations Improvement and Human Machine Interaction, it is time to focus on how we can sustain best practices. This is where process control comes into play. We can utilize it to focus on:
  • Automating controls to eliminate intentional (or accidental) setups
  • Proactively avoiding defects and downtime
  • Establishing process parameters
  • Improving process capability by reducing variation
Process control is defined as a system used to determine the behavior or supervise the running of a systematic series of mechanized or chemical operations to produce or manufacture something. By automating the process control, the monitoring tools can detect an out-of-control situation and allow the person (or automated system) responsible for the process to take the necessary steps to bring it back into control.
Within a process, there are several areas where we can implement technology to help ensure smooth operations.
  • Measurement and Actuation devices can identify the status of the machine components with regards to location and ensure appropriate supply and control of energy.
  • Safety, Environment and Equipment Protection ensures the equipment can detect the development of a hazardous condition and that the process will safely cease operation when detected.
  • Regulatory Control monitors the performance of the equipment versus other environmental or process factors to ensure a controlled environment and minimal variation.
  • Multivariate/Model-Predictive Controls are advanced methods used to control a process while satisfying a set of constraints or required input parameters.
As always, when implementing technology into any part of your personal life or business, cybersecurity must be considered. Manufacturers should work to ensure data is confidential and private, has integrity and is readily available to those who need it. Doing so will help prevent the increased risk of cyberattacks and keep the data and your business safe.
Learn more about Digital Process Control by registering for an upcoming class where you will acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the technologies used to achieve interconnectivity of process equipment for data collection, process/product improvement and process control. Find upcoming classes here.
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