Poor leadership is the number one reason workers leave an organization. With a growing skills gap hindering manufacturers’ growth and productivity, combined with an older generation rapidly retiring, it is now more important than ever to prioritize company culture and ensure your leaders are making existing employees want to stay, while attracting new ones.

Some of the biggest challenges currently facing manufacturers include employee engagement, turnover and finding new hires – all of which can be helped with a stronger culture. Establishing a company culture begins with leadership. It is up to the leaders of a company to outline and rollout a broad company strategy, which includes a vision for the organizational culture, determines company values and supports larger business goals. When designed and implemented effectively, a company strategy can create employee buy-in so workers feel they play an essential role in reaching company goals, which further improves aspects such as motivation, loyalty and productivity.


LEADERSHIP-CULTURE-(1).jpgAn improved company culture can make a difference not only in business results, but also in workers’ lives. For assistance with transforming your organizational leadership and culture, The Center offers custom mentoring to fit the unique needs and challenges of your business. Through hands-on, personalized training, The Center’s experts work with all levels of your organization to evaluate the current culture and leadership styles and identify ways to improve employee attraction, retention and engagement, ultimately helping both the company and its employees reach their full potential.

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