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Michigan Labor Shortage: A Crossroad or Roundabout?

7/18/2014 - THE CENTER
Perhaps now, more than at any time in recent history, all eyes are on manufacturing and the economy. Particularly in Michigan where conversations concerning talent gaps, labor shortages and a living wage are a common occurrence.

A Spotlight on Michigan and Growth for Manufacturers

7/11/2014 - THE CENTER
Have you noticed that Michigan manufacturing has been in the news? U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker recently named Southeast Michigan as one of the nation’s top “manufacturing communities.” The region will receive assistance to attract global organizations into the area. And just this week, Industry Week named Michigan in its list of the Top 10 U.S. Manufacturing Hubs.

Independence Day, The Biggest Birthday Party in the World

7/4/2014 - THE CENTER
As our friends at said, "Independence Day is recognized as a large birthday celebration for one of the world's most influential countries."

Recent Study Cites Competition as Top Concern for Michigan Manufacturers

6/27/2014 - THE CENTER
BDO USA, LLP, in a press release dated June 17th, highlighted results from the 2014 Manufacturing RiskFactor Report.* 100% of the publicly traded U.S. manufacturers HQ in Michigan cited Industry competition, consolidation, and pressure on pricing as the #1 risk factor keeping them up at night.

Michigan Manufacturers – It’s Time to Get Social!

6/20/2014 - THE CENTER
Technology and the Internet are constantly changing how we communicate and conduct business. For better or worse, it seems like we are always surrounded by technology. By the time you snap your fingers, you can probably find a desktop, laptop or smart phone to surf the web.

Proud to Manufacture in Michigan, You Better Believe It! (Best Believe)

6/13/2014 - THE CENTER
We’re just wrapping up our third annual Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Conference, co-located this year with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ (SME’s) Big M Event at Cobo Hall.  It was exciting to be part of the outpouring of support for Michigan’s manufacturers, and we were happy to celebrate the great things going on in our state.

Three Ways Cross-Training Improves your Workforce

6/6/2014 - THE CENTER
Michigan’s manufacturers are always looking for ways to strengthen their workforce. In today’s competitive environment, your staff is your company’s most valuable asset. Cross-training is an excellent way to cultivate a versatile workforce that maximizes efficiencies and productivity.  

LEAN . . . Is An Evolution, Not A Revolution

5/30/2014 - THE CENTER
We're often asked about a typical lean journey, “What does it look like?” and “How long does it take?” While the answers range anywhere from "every situation is unique" to "there is no typical ’journey'," we do have a few steps that are essential for a successful lean implementation.

From Pinpoint to Elimination: Removing Waste From Your Processes

5/23/2014 - THE CENTER
In a previous entry, Can Your Team Pinpoint Value-Added?, we identified some places that waste or non-value added steps can hide in your company’s processes. Today, we’d like to follow up on that. I mean, now that you know where to look, how do you actually identify the correct steps to eliminate?

Break the Slump: Energize your Workforce through “Re-on-boarding”

5/16/2014 - THE CENTER
When you start a new job, it’s a lot like heading into the summer. It’s a fresh start. There’s the rush of meeting new people and a genuine excitement about starting a new journey. Managers walk you through the training process, teach you about the company and orient you to the culture.

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