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Lean Manufacturing – Don’t Leave Home Without it!

4/8/2016 - THE CENTER
In today’s age, it is amazing that some manufacturers have not yet heard of “Lean”. The question is: How are they surviving in today’s competitive market without it? The issue is that, in many ways, the customer sets pricing.

Market Research: The Foundation of A Successful Growth Strategy

4/1/2016 - THE CENTER
Manufacturers are continuously looking to diversify their customer base, expand into new markets, and grow business. Conducting market research is a crucial component of developing a strong growth strategy. 

Urban Agriculture: The Farming of Today

3/25/2016 - THE CENTER
The American landscape is changing - literally. Streets once filled with beeping horns and the whirr of passing cars can now be found empty, housing farm equipment. Vacant houses are now functioning as hoop houses. The popularity of Urban Agriculture, or Urban Farming, is growing in response to nearly 86% of consumers preferring LOCALLY grown food.

Boost Welding Profits with Improved Analytics

3/18/2016 - THE CENTER
Now, more than ever before, the economy is experiencing a more competitive manufacturing industry. Taking advantage of every opportunity is crucial in keeping up with and surpassing the competition.

Selecting the Right Candidates and Attracting Them to Your Company

3/11/2016 - THE CENTER
After you’ve collected resumes, it’s time to successfully select and hire the right candidate for your business. With no crystal ball, managers must rely on a combination of structured hiring processes and instinct. Choosing the wrong candidate can be a costly mistake.

Recruiting Tips for Michigan’s Manufacturers

3/4/2016 - THE CENTER
Throughout the years, manufacturing jobs and technology have evolved. In order to be successful and sustain quality employees, recruiting efforts must also evolve with them. Manufacturing companies now require potential employees to have superior science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) capabilities.

Manufacturing 101: Quality Through The Pareto Graphic

2/26/2016 - THE CENTER
Continuing with Part 2 of our Manufacturing 101 blog series (See Part 1), we’re moving forward from the first few weeks of managing tedious lists to the next task of effectively collecting and reporting data. In order to appropriately display data, it is crucial to convey the true message and focus.

Cultivate Leadership through Supervisor Training and Development

2/19/2016 - THE CENTER
Whether it is because of their hard work and dedication or as recognition of their proficiencies, skills and knowledge, employees are promoted into leadership roles for a variety of reasons. While internal promotions can be positive, challenges may arise for those employees in their newly promoted role.

It’s Great to be Part of the Food and Agriculture Industry in Michigan

2/12/2016 - THE CENTER
Where does nearly 22% of the state’s employment come from? What generates over $101.2 billion in economic activity? What is responsible for $3.1 billion in export activity? Michigan’s Food and Agriculture Industry, that’s what.

Business Continuity Planning: Mitigate the Risk of Disasters and Emergencies

2/5/2016 - THE CENTER
Imagine sitting at your table and watching the news while drinking your morning coffee. The newscaster’s voice booms as he breaks the latest story: a fire burned through the night and destroyed almost half of the warehouses and businesses in a nearby industrial park.

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