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Happy National Manufacturing Day!

10/2/2020 - THE CENTER
The Center is proud to join in the celebration of manufacturing nation-wide.

Inspire the Next Generation of Manufacturers with Manufacturing Day 2019!

9/27/2019 - THE CENTER
Michigan manufacturing is in need of a resurgence if there is any hope to fill the 100,000 open skilled trades jobs by 2022. To support this goal, industry, government and education have had to come together in recent years to address misconceptions about manufacturing and position it as a viable career path for incoming generations to pursue. One such strategy is through Manufacturing Day.

Let the Countdown Begin: Celebrate Manufacturing Day on October 5th!

9/7/2018 - BY: BRIAN MAMO
Manufacturing Day answers the question: what does it mean to be a manufacturer? If you were to ask 20 people this question, you would get 20 different answers. This is because of not only the lack of awareness of the manufacturing industry, but also the ever-changing nature of manufacturing itself. 

Celebrate Manufacturing in October!

10/6/2017 - THE CENTER
Happy Manufacturing Day 2017!

National Manufacturing Day is Almost Here

8/5/2016 - THE CENTER
On Friday, October 7, manufacturers nationwide will join together and celebrate National Manufacturing Day! The holiday was established to raise awareness about the positive impacts manufacturing has on the economy and change the prevailing perception of manufacturing careers in the U.S. for future generations.

National Manufacturing Day: The Perfect Time to Reflect on Michigan’s Progress

10/3/2014 - THE CENTER
It’s finally here! Break out the champagne and blow your kazoos in New Year’s Eve style… today is the third annual National Manufacturing Day!

It’s Never Too Soon To Celebrate. . . Especially When It’s Focused On Manufacturing!

9/26/2014 - THE CENTER
​Now in its third year, National Manufacturing Day continues to grow in awareness and involvement. This year, at the time of this writing, there are over 1300 different events planned for the week leading up and including Fridays Manufacturing Day extravaganza. These events are both physical plant tours at manufacturing facilities across North America, and virtual events for those that can’t get away from home, school or work. 

Michigan’s Manufacturers Are Set to Celebrate National Manufacturing Day!

9/19/2014 - THE CENTER
Move over Halloween. There’s another holiday in town during October, and Michigan’s finest are gearing up to celebrate. We’re talking about National Manufacturing Day, which is set for Friday, October 3rd!

Michigan Manufacturers in the News

10/11/2013 - THE CENTER
As you probably know by now, we’re pretty excited about manufacturing, particularly Michigan manufacturers. More and more attention is being focused on the industry between the most recent Manufacturing Day events from last week, to the latest Oakland County survey of manufacturers to identify needed skills.

Why Manufacturing Day Matters to Michigan

9/6/2013 - THE CENTER
On Friday, October 4th, companies nationwide will join together and celebrate National Manufacturing Day! The holiday was established to raise awareness about manufacturing’s impact on the economy and change the perception of manufacturing careers for future generations.

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