Let the Countdown Begin: Celebrate Manufacturing Day on October 5th!



Manufacturing Day answers the question: what does it mean to be a manufacturer? If you were to ask 20 people this question, you would get 20 different answers. This is because of not only the lack of awareness of the manufacturing industry, but also the ever-changing nature of manufacturing itself. These two aspects combined make it difficult for the layperson to really grasp what it means to be a manufacturer, resulting in misperceptions and negative views of the industry.

Manufacturing Day was created in 2012 in an effort to close the gap between what people think manufacturing is and what it actually is. Now an officially observed holiday, this nation-wide celebration of manufacturing continues to gain awareness and participants each year, with Michigan leading the effort in recent years with 211 events in 2016 and 272 events in 2017.

The driving force behind Manufacturing Day is to celebrate modern manufacturing and continue to advance the industry through the following efforts:

  • Change perceptions about manufacturing. Due to outdated and incorrect views of the industry, parents and students have the wrong idea of what manufacturing really is. While many may circulate the idea that manufacturing is dark, dirty and dangerous, this is no longer the case. Factories are now more safe and organized than ever, with strong safety regulations and updated equipment helping to make manufacturing one of the most viable career options on the market today.
  • Increase awareness of manufacturing career options available. Another misperception about manufacturing is that jobs offer low pay and are not competitive. Companies engaged in Manufacturing Day events work to go against this misunderstanding and instead show participants exactly how rewarding careers in manufacturing can be, through both quality of work and pay. This work has proven to be effective as those who attend Manufacturing Day events are 84% more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding, as seen in the infographic below.
  • Celebrate what manufacturers do every day. Aside from the serious motivating factors behind Manufacturing Day, the main goal is to celebrate. It’s a chance for manufacturers around the U.S. to open their doors to the public and show them what they do every day. In doing so, manufacturers and attendees alike are able to celebrate the role manufacturing plays in our economy and its significant impact on our everyday lives.


This year, Manufacturing Day officially falls on Friday, October 5th, although manufacturers are free to celebrate any day they choose, or even opt for Manufacturing Week or Manufacturing Month.  If you’re looking to connect with future generations, begin addressing the skills gap and present a new image of manufacturing to the world, consider hosting your own Manufacturing Day event!

Need Help Getting Started?
Follow these three steps to ensure your Manufacturing Day event is a success:

  1. Decide what type of event you’ll host. From plant tours to expos to career fairs, thousands of manufacturers host unique events each year. Choose which is best for you and your facility.
  2. Register your event online. Visit the Manufacturing Day website (www.mfgday.com) to make your event official and get the word out about your special celebration. You can choose which day to hold your event, and whether to make it public or keep it private. 
  3. Use the event toolkit for extra help. Want to make sure your event draws in the right crowd? The Manufacturing Day toolkit will give you all the advice and resources you need to make sure your event is effective.

The future of manufacturing is up to you. Make this the year you join in the Manufacturing Day celebration and show everyone what it really means to be a manufacturer, and help keep Michigan #1 in the nation.

For extra assistance with your event planning, contact The Center at inquiry@the-center.org.


Brian MamoSenior Business Solutions Manager
Brian Mamo is a Senior Business Solutions Manager at The Center. In his role, Brian works directly with manufacturers in Macomb County, providing services and support that enable them to compete, grow and prosper. Brian has more than 25 years of experience as a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients in several industries including manufacturing, industrial, medical and service. Prior to joining The Center, Brian spent the past seven years as Director of Business Development and member of the Executive Team of a facility maintenance company. In addition to managing the sales team, Brian worked to redesign the company’s sales and marketing plan while streamlining the sales and operations delivery process.

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