Inspire the Next Generation of Manufacturers with Manufacturing Day 2019!


Michigan manufacturing is in need of a resurgence if 022-(1).jpgthere is any hope to fill the 100,000 open skilled trades jobs by 2022. And with the state’s manufacturing industry recently receiving an ‘A’ health grade for 2019, it is clear the sector will only continue to need more talent to keep up with the growing demand.

To support this goal, industry, government and education have had to come together in recent years to address misconceptions about manufacturing and position it as a viable career path for incoming generations to pursue. One such strategy is through Manufacturing Day.

Since this event was first launched in 2012 to raise awareness and celebrate manufacturing, quite a bit has changed about the current student demographic. As Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, have now entered the workforce, the focus of Manufacturing Day has shifted to Generation Z, born from 1997 to now. How does this new group of students view manufacturing? Here are some key facts:

  • 32% of Generation Z students have had manufacturing suggested to them as a career path, compared to only 18% of Millennials and 13% of the general population
  • Those in Generation Z are 7% more likely to consider working in the industry and 12% less likely to view the industry as being in decline
  • 43% of Generation Z agrees manufacturing jobs are an attractive option

While it seems like this age group largely has positive feelings toward manufacturing, it is clear many misperceptions remain:

  • Generation Z is more likely to view manufacturing jobs as boring in comparison to previous generations
  • 56% would consider working in the tech industry, while only 27% would consider working in manufacturing
  • Generation Z is 10% less likely than Millennials to agree that manufacturing jobs involve the use of cutting-edge technology

Even though much of modern manufacturing involves the use of advanced technology, incoming generations still view the industry as boring and low-tech. To ensure this next generation of workers fully understands what manufacturing entails and why it is a promising, exciting career path to pursue, manufacturers across the state and nation can take part in Manufacturing Day 2019.

This year, Manufacturing Day officially falls on Friday, October 4th, although events can take place throughout the month of October. To learn more about how to host an event, or to officially register yours, click here.

For the past three years, Michigan has led the nation in hosting the most events state-wide, leading the effort to educate, inform and inspire today’s students to become tomorrow’s manufacturers. Join more than 200 Michigan manufacturers who have committed to ushering in the next generation of workers and keeping manufacturing thriving in Michigan by celebrating Manufacturing Day.


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