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Manufacturers Across Michigan Open Their Doors to Celebrate National Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 5th

10/5/2012 - THE CENTER
National Manufacturing Day is Friday, October 5, 2012.  The day was designed to expand the knowledge about and improve the general perception of manufacturing careers and emphasize manufacturing’s value to the U.S. economy.

Reshoring: The New Manufacturing Trend

9/27/2012 - THE CENTER
Offshoring, or sending a portion of a company’s business overseas, became a common business practice during the economic recession when our nation was struggling to stay afloat. Since 2002, about 3.5 million manufacturing jobs have been lost across the nation.

Successful Hoshin Planning and Deployment

9/12/2012 - THE CENTER
Hoshin Planning is a management methodology which aims to create strategic goals and insight for an organization. The main idea of Hoshin Planning is that the collective thinking power of all employees makes an organization the best in its field.

Diversify Your Customer Base with Process Improvements and New Market Strategies

8/27/2012 - THE CENTER
During the economic downturn, many manufacturers sought to reduce production costs, eliminate waste and increase lead times. While these initiatives are important, it’s also critical for Michigan’s small and medium sized manufacturers to identify new market opportunities and grow sales.

The State of Manufacturing in Michigan

8/20/2012 - THE CENTER
Michigan’s manufacturing sector has bounced back beyond expectations. While presented with numerous challenges during the economic downturn, our state’s resilient manufacturers used innovation to overcome difficulties and lead the way to recovery.

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