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The Competitive Advantage of Quality Certifications

4/4/2014 - THE CENTER
A Michigan business that provides high-quality design and engineering concepts to the aerospace industry experienced a 30% increase in revenue. The reason? The organization obtained AS 9100 certification, a recognized and well-respected quality management certification.

Five Things I’ve Learned from Michigan Manufacturers

3/28/2014 - THE CENTER
As a training and consulting organization, our staff interacts with a lot of Michigan businesses of all types and sizes. Either we’ll send our people out to the plant floor to conduct some hands on training or manufacturers send their people to us, for simulations, working groups, and interactive learning in our Real Factory . . .

Re-shoring and the Quality of Michigan Manufacturing

3/21/2014 - THE CENTER
As many U.S. manufacturers are aware, outsourcing continues to be a hotly debated topic. It was particularly a major issue in the 2000s when outsourcing became popular. Data from the U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that major corporations eliminated about 2.9 million U.S. positions in the 2000s while adding 2.4 million jobs overseas.

Michigan in March: Detroit Love, PI Day and Green Beer

3/14/2014 - THE CENTER
In addition to being a harbinger of spring . . . something that is desperately desired by virtually every Michigan resident this year . . . . March brings us wonderful local and internationally recognized holidays. 

International Growth Opportunities for Michigan’s Manufacturers

3/7/2014 - THE CENTER
There is a common, yet erroneous, belief among many domestic business owners that only large businesses have the ability to sell to a global market. Many companies, believing that only large US manufacturing exporting companies can be competitive in the international market, don’t explore the opportunity.

Tackling Business Pain Points

2/28/2014 - THE CENTER
Business pains, much like pain from injuries, are not unusual. However, the cause and the cure to those pains can vary greatly. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to problems.

Why the Talent Shortage in U.S. Manufacturing is Happening

2/21/2014 - THE CENTER
Manufacturing jobs in the United States have changed dramatically over the past decade, requiring employees with higher, more technologically advanced skills. An unfortunate side-effect is that these improvements in the manufacturing world have led to a shortage of qualified employees throughout the country.

Operational Excellence and Food Processing? Absolutely and Here’s Why . . .

2/14/2014 - THE CENTER
If you did a Google search for Operational Excellence (OE), results would include over 10 million website hits, not including images and book reviews. Sometimes referred to as ‘world-class manufacturing’, the concept has been around for decades, and relates to well-run organizations of every type. And it’s no stranger to manufacturing.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Manufacturing: Why It’s Important

2/7/2014 - THE CENTER
There was an interesting article in Bloomberg Businessweek on Tuesday, this week called, “International Paper Recruits Women in War for U.S. Talent.” In the article, International Paper CEO, John Faraci, discussed an important company goal. He wants his payroll to more closely reflect the U.S. population, specifically when it comes to gender.

Manufacturing: Michigan Leads the Way

1/31/2014 - THE CENTER
Unless you’ve been without power for the last 24 hours, and with this polar vortex that’s entirely possible, you know that President Obama delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday night. And, if you’ve read the transcript or watched it live, you know that there were multiple references to Michigan, including the highlight of Andra Rush’s Detroit Manufacturing Systems story of putting people back to work and of newly appointed GM CEO, Mary Barra, breaking the glass ceiling.

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