Looking Ahead to 2014: Two Key Focuses


Can you believe it’s already the end of 2013? It seemed like just yesterday that we were making resolutions for this year. You know them…lose some weight…take up a new hobby… waste less time at work…spend some more time with family and friends...
How’d your resolutions go? Are you 20 pounds lighter, an expert in painting, more productive at work and happier with your friends and family? Ehhh… I didn’t quite get to mine yet... I guess I’ll be recycling some of them for next year…
Anyway, as we wrap up our final working days of 2013, it’s time to start looking ahead to the next year. Here are two key topics to think about:

The “U.S. manufacturing renaissance” is building even more momentum. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics'
 monthly jobs report, there was a 27,000 job net increase in manufacturing. This was the sector’s largest gain since March of 2012! A chart in an Industry Week article shows that food manufacturers led the way:
Motor vehicles & parts
Transportation equipment
Fabricated metal products
Furniture & related products
Nonmetallic mineral products
Primary metals
Petroleum & coal products
The good news for Michigan’s manufacturers – growth in our sector is forecast to keep improving. The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation projects that production will increase 3.1% next year, and will be even higher in 2015 at 4.1%. 
Michigan’s companies should take advantage of the anticipated growth and should aggressively pursue strategies that foster business development. Click here for more information.

Last year, we wrote a blog entry about the Top Manufacturing Trends of the yearInnovation was on the list…and it’s so important that we’re bringing it back again! Innovation is the process used to generate opportunities for growth. Through innovation, manufacturers can improve productivity, revenue and everyone’s favorite “p” word – profitability! Sticking to the status quo doesn’t work anymore – it’s time to embrace innovation.
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