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Root Cause Analysis: Identify the Source of your Challenges

8/7/2015 - THE CENTER
Every business has its fair share of problems. Equipment breaks, deliveries arrive late, or production quality waivers. Overcoming challenges is a normal part of business. However, schedules are often so busy that we can only apply a “quick fix” to our issues.

Accelerating Your Ideas Into Cash

7/31/2015 - THE CENTER
Most companies have great ideas. The challenge is deciding what to do with them. How can we get over the hurdles, speed up the implementation and turn these ideas into cash, whether it be from revenue or cost savings? Stepping outside the box and trying something new can prove difficult because of FEAR.

Outside the Lab: Improving Food Safety in Your Organization

7/24/2015 - THE CENTER
Safety is on the minds of Americans every day. When you get into your car, you buckle up. When you go to the lake, you lather on sunscreen. The same expectation of safety is extended to food. Each year, millions of dollars are spent on food safety initiatives. Yet, despite efforts, extensive outbreaks of foodborne illness continue to exist. It leads many to ask: What’s the problem? Is the testing conducted inadequate?

How the Kaizen Philosophy Can Improve your Organization

7/17/2015 - THE CENTER
The word Kaizen is often referenced when talking about Lean Manufacturing. Kaizen is a combination of two Japanese words: ‘Kai’ meaning change and ‘Zen’ meaning good. Kaizen combines these words to express the idea that big changes come from many small changes over a period of time. For manufacturers, business process improvement and an increase in profit is the result of many small changes accumulated over time.

Consistency is Key: Top Benefits of Standardized Work

7/10/2015 - THE CENTER
All manufacturers want to boost productivity and efficiency while reducing errors and accidents. Standardization of work, which can be difficult to adopt initially, can be an effective way to increase productivity and efficiency since it defines expectations, formalizes processes and creates accountability.

Celebrate Michigan Manufacturing and American Quality!

7/2/2015 - THE CENTER
Manufacturers have helped the United States through most of the challenging times confronted as a nation. It was the manufacturing capacity of the United States that proved decisive in World War II. Only America had the manufacturing infrastructure to accomplish such things. The world was a better place because manufacturers played a vital role

Workforce Engagement: How Important Is It To Your Organization?

6/26/2015 - THE CENTER
Workforce engagement can be interpreted as the execution of discretionary effort. It can be seen as a combination of commitment to the organization and its values, plus a willingness to help colleagues. It is important to note it is NOT the same as employee satisfaction. Thirty years of research tells us a satisfied employee is not necessarily a productive one.

Become more Marketable with Green Manufacturing

6/19/2015 - THE CENTER
Kermit the Frog famously says, “It’s not easy being green.” With all do respect to Kermit, it’s easier than you think!The “green” movement is the sister of sustainability. Sustainability, or green manufacturing, means working within the means of natural ecosystems without causing harm to others or jeopardizing future needs. It also means reducing environmental impact and cultivating renewable resources.

Lighten the Load With Lightweight Materials

6/12/2015 - THE CENTER
If you’ve ever taken a physics class or rearranged your furniture, you know the heavier an object is, the more energy it requires to move it. The same principle applies to automobiles and other types of transportation. This is great news for consumers! This means the lighter a vehicle, the less energy it takes to accelerate, and the better its fuel economy will ultimately be.

Choosing a Path For Your Company: Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing or a Combination of Both?

6/5/2015 - THE CENTER
Every day, MMTC is out consulting with Michigan’s manufacturers about how to improve their competitiveness. While we work with a diverse group of companies – from food and chemical producers to automobile parts and metal manufacturers – organizations of all industries and sizes are focused on process improvement to boost profits.

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