Smart Solutions Series: Tackle the Labor Shortage with Cross Training & Skills Acceleration



skills-and-training.jpgSince the beginning of the year, The Center has been hosting monthly webinars in our Smart Solutions Series to provide ideas on how to tackle the current labor shortage. Our first webinar covered culture and leadership, the second discussed lean manufacturing and last month’s event focused on technology. Next week’s webinar will explore the value of cross training your employees.

The labor shortage is not going away. As a matter of fact, millions of Baby Boomers retire from the workforce each year – a trend that accelerated even moreso in the past year. On top of this challenge, incoming workers often lack the skills needed to effectively contribute to manufacturing environments. Or, once manufacturers have found skilled workers, they struggle to retain them. For these reasons, cross training employees must become a critical initiative in every manufacturing company.

Cross training, or giving workers skills to operate in different roles or departments, may not completely alleviate the need for additional workers, but it will help keep operations moving forward while boosting employee engagement. In our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, April 21, from 9-10am, we will share ideas on how to begin cross training employees along with technologies that can enhance or streamline the process. Participants are invited to interact and share their own insights on their cross-training lessons learned, including what has worked well and what hasn’t. Through this virtual discussion, we will provide actionable steps to lessen the pains caused by the labor shortage and put your company and workers on a path toward success.

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Nelson_D.jpgDave Nelson, Senior Business Solutions Manager
Dave Nelson is a Senior Business Solutions Manager with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. Joining the The Center in 2013, Dave works directly with manufacturers in Wayne and Monroe counties. He is a seasoned professional with expertise at identifying/opening new market opportunities and increasing market penetration in existing markets. Dave also has extensive experience in generating/growing new business and selling intangible services.




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