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Mitigating Risks In An OT Environment – A Follow Up

9/28/2018 - Talking about risk assessment in an OT environment can be daunting. Perhaps because of the complexity of the subject, many prefer to look away and leave the matter to the specialists. But whether we like it or not, playing an active role in defending businesses from cyber threats is not only up to those wearing a fancy ‘CISO’ badge. If anything, this mentality leads to dangerous and, unfortunately, very common mistakes that contribute directly to the hackers’ triumph, and not to our protection. Read the full article from www.manusecevent.com. 

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Brings AR into Working Factory

9/13/2018 - When representatives from the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) in Plymouth, Michigan reached out to inquire about displaying OPS Solutions' enterprise AR technology, Light Guide Systems, in their facility, we knew it would be a perfect partnership. Read the full article at lightguidesys.com. 

Demand-Led Innovation Shapes Lightweight Metal Technology

8/30/2018 - Today an ever-growing range of industries are looking for higher performance materials that can minimize their costs, energy consumption and overall environmental footprint. As a result, lightweight metals, such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium, are increasingly being considered as alternatives to steel. Read the full article featuring the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s Principal Materials Engineer, Gregory Peterson, at metalsonline.rala.com.au.

Manufacturing Groups Collaborate on Cybersecurity

5/8/2018 - Cyber-attacks against the manufacturing industry have increased. In response, the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have begun to educate manufacturers on how to defend themselves. Read the full article from www.mmsonline.com. 

Get Ready For Industry 4.0

4/30/2018 - Industry 4.0 is the next industrial revolution and it is being spurred on primarily by the rapid growth in cloud computing and the falling cost of technology. In short, Industry 4.0 is the merging of people, machines, technology and “the cloud.” See what more The Center's Rich Wolin, Director of Training, has to say at www.record-eagle.com. 

The Center to Host Strategic Planning Workshops

4/27/2018 - The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, Plymouth, Mich., will offer a series of four free workshops to help manufacturers improve strategic planning. The monthly workshops, held 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., will feature experts from the center covering a variety of topics related to maintaining organizational success. Read the full article from thefabricator.com. 

The Center Unveils Lightweight Vehicle Frame

4/25/2018 - The Center unveiled an innovative lightweight aftermarket car frame at the SAE’s World Congress Experience (WCX) event in Detroit, MI. The frame was designed in response to the growing market need for alternative lightweight vehicle frame options in the custom car market. Beyond replica cars, this frame can be adapted for military applications, as a number of companies working with the Department of Defense have identified the need for a lightweight frame to be used in military vehicles to effectively lighten loads and increase fuel economy. Read the full article from lightmetalage.com 

The Center to Manage National Cybersecurity Initiative

4/19/2018 - The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program has tapped the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to lead a national effort to prepare MEP centers to roll out cybersecurity services to small and medium-size manufacturers across the United States. Read the full article from www.techcentury.com. 

Lightweight Auto Frame Designed for Replica Cars

4/12/2018 - A modern lightweight vehicle frame has been developed by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center for builders of replica classic cars. The frame is comprised of aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and advanced high strength steel. Read the full article from advancedmanufacturing.org. 

The Center to Unveil Lightweight Vehicle Frame at SAE

4/9/2018 - The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center will unveil a lightweight replica car, military and specialty vehicle frame this week at the World Congress Experience event, hosted by SAE International. The frame is comprised of aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and advanced high strength steel to provide the best combination of light weight, high strength and cost effectiveness for each component. Read the full article from techcentury.com. 

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