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The Center to Unveil Lightweight Vehicle Frame at SAE

4/9/2018 - The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center will unveil a lightweight replica car, military and specialty vehicle frame this week at the World Congress Experience event, hosted by SAE International. The frame is comprised of aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and advanced high strength steel to provide the best combination of light weight, high strength and cost effectiveness for each component. Read the full article from techcentury.com. 

The Center's Quality Department Expands

3/26/2018 - Steve Vamplew to quality program manager, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, Plymouth, from quality manager, Harada Industry of America Inc., Novi. Read the full announcement from crainsdetroit.com. 

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Announces Two New Members To The Board Of Directors

3/12/2018 - The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center announced Wednesday Carla Bailo and Ed Terris are the final two additions to the center’s board of directors, filling all vacancies. Read the full article from dbusiness.com. 

Change helps ignite manufacturing industry: GTAMC hosts fourth annual summit

3/12/2018 - Change is inevitable in the business world. Continuing to adapt is vital. That message was delivered several times — from the keynote address through the breakout sessions — during the fourth annual Northern Michigan Manufacturing Summit at the Hagerty Center on Northwestern Michigan College's Great Lakes Campus. Read the full article from record-eagle.com. 

CAR CEO Bailo, Peckham VP Terris Join Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Board

3/7/2018 - Two new board members have joined the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – Carla Bailo of the Center for Automotive Research and Ed Terris of Peckham Inc. Read the full article from mitechnews.com. 

A Quality Principle: What You Need to Know About Total Quality Management

2/26/2018 - In this article, the history of one of the preeminent quality management philosophies, total quality management (TQM) is discussed. We’ll learn how it can help for profits and nonprofits become more effective and cost-efficient. In addition, industry experts discuss how TQM compares to other quality philosophies and methodologies, such as Six Sigma and Kaizen. Read the full article from smartsheet.com. 

The Journey to Great Leadership Starts With You

2/26/2018 - Leadership is changing. Employees are no longer satisfied with the traditional, “Do as I say, or else” method of managing. According to a recent Gallup study, 50 percent of adults reported leaving a job to get away from their direct supervisor. They left in search of true relational leadership, in which their supervisors communicate appreciation frequently and value them as people. The Center’s Growth Facilitator, Charlie Westra, offers insight on how to become a relational leader.

How to Implement Corrective Actions that Also Strengthen Your Team

1/24/2018 - In this article, the origins of corrective action, including its related quality methodologies, and the forms it takes in different industries is discussed. Although corrective actions are documented and tracked in corrective action documents, readers learn that solid, lasting corrective actions involve more than filling out a template and benefit from the knowledge and thought power of the entire team. The Center's Quality Program Manager, Andy Nichols, offers insight into getting to the root cause of problems. Read the full article from smartsheet.com. 

Williams Named Cybersecurity Team Project Manager At Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

1/19/2018 - Jeff Williams has joined the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center cybersecurity team as Program Manager. Williams leads The Center’s effort to ensure small to medium-sized manufacturers around Michigan are meeting the latest cybersecurity standards. Read the full article from mitechnews.com. 

Lightweight Vehicle Frame Popularity Leads To Funding For Low-Volume Production

11/27/2017 - An innovative lightweight car frame was rolled out at the SEMA show a few weeks ago in Las Vegas by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center that could soon lead to investments in tooling and testing for an initial market of replica car buyers, but could be used on mass produced vehicles in the future. Read the full article from mitechnews.com. 

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