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Summit Stresses Pushing Past Pilots

3/5/2020 - A pilot is necessary, but eventually businesses in the world of Industry 4.0 need to land the plane. Going from idea to implementation was the theme of the sixth annual Northern Michigan Manufacturing Summit on Tuesday at Northwestern Michigan College’s Hagerty Center. Read the full article from record-eagle.com.

Sensory Overload

3/4/2020 - Artificial intelligence in the form of Industry 4.0, where machines are armed with sensors, can enhance every aspect of manufacturing — from the back office to the loading dock. Read the full article from dbusiness.com. 

Northern Michigan Manufacturing Summit returns

2/27/2020 - As it was last year, technology in industry is the theme of the sixth annual Northern Michigan Manufacturing Summit. The free event on March 3 from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. returns to the Hagerty Center at Northwestern Michigan College. Demonstrations instead of discussions are the emphasis at the event, hosted by the Grand Traverse Area Manufacturing Council. Read the full article from www.record-eagle.com.

From legacy systems to connected tech, manufacturers face cyber risks

2/26/2020 - While risk is high, a quarter of companies surveyed in the 2019 Deloitte and Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity & Innovation (MAPI) Smart Factory Study did not perform a cyber risk assessment during the previous year. With more manufacturing sites using connected and smart technology, hackers and other bad actors have more access points, and companies are not doing enough to protect their sites. Read the full article from www.supplychaindive.com.

The Benefits of Factory and Manufacturing Automation for Today’s Workers

12/11/2019 - Within this article you'll learn about automated manufacturing practices, manufacturing jobs lost to automation, and expert discussion on better wages and job creation. Read the full article from smartsheet.com.

How to Conquer Industry Uncertainty and Change with Kaizen

10/15/2019 - Manufacturing is entering a new era. New challenges are arising, with stronger global competition than ever, millennials entering the workforce and Industry 4.0 set to transform the industry as we know it. Risks are changing as well, with economic uncertainty on the horizon and cyber-attacks becoming an increasing threat to the industry. All things considered, manufacturers can no longer proceed with business as usual if they plan to find long-term success and remain competitive. Read the full article from mimfg.org. 

Continuing G.M. strike could impact northern Michigan manufacturers

10/10/2019 - Negotiations between the United Auto Workers and General Motors has hit another wall. The longer the strike continues, the more impact it will have on companies further down the supply chain, including in northern Michigan. According to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, there are a handful of manufacturers in Traverse City that make parts for the automotive industry. Read the full article from upnorthlive.com. 

Next generation gets hands-on look at manufacturing world

10/10/2019 - Discover Manufacturing, a regional network of hundreds of manufacturers, sponsors Manufacturing Day in an effort to continue to address the short- and long-term talent needs of West Michigan’s manufacturing industry. It’s all part of a push to attract students to the manufacturing industry. In western Wayne County, for example, more than 700 students took part in the Oct. 4 Manufacturing Day event, a series of visits to a variety of businesses all designed to engage students and draw them into manufacturing careers. Read the full article from corpmagazine.com. 

Automation Alley Partners With Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center On Industry 4.0 Breakout Session

10/9/2019 - Automation Alley had partnered with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to offer a breakout session during its Integr8 conference focused on how the smart and connected technologies of Industry 4.0 are converging to disrupt all industries, from automotive and defense to retail and health care. Read the full article from mitechnews.com.

Students explore manufacturing jobs, careers in northern Michigan

10/7/2019 - Many young students got the chance to learn more about manufacturing jobs and careers available in northern Michigan on Friday. This is the sixth annual Manufacturing Day event hosted by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and the Grand Traverse Area Manufacturing Council. Read the full article from www.upnorthlive.com.

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