Walmart, Kroger Shopping Scooter Supplier Races to Meet Demand


Bridgeport-based Amigo Mobility International Inc. had a problem. The nation's largest manufacturer of motorized manufacturing carts could not wheel them off the line fast enough to meet demand from stores flush with cash amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The family-owned company, whose biggest customers include Walmart Inc. and Kroger Co., has seen top-line growth of 25 percent for the past two years as it plans to hit $50 million in revenue this year. Headcount has grown at a similar clip, to about 145, with eight positions still open. With the help of a $10,000 grant through the Great Lakes Bay Manufacturers Association, the company hired the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center in 2021 to figure out why it couldn't churn out more than 80 units per day. Read the full article from