Industry 4.0: Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

During employee training, businesses are often challenged by the demand placed on resources. Often, this can lead to shortcuts in training, which negatively impacts productivity, quality and safety. Due to inconsistent training, variation arises in how each worker performs a task, which can lead to unanticipated results and no clear understanding of the root cause. To solve these training-related issues, and those unforeseen, Augmented and Virtual Reality can help.


Augmented Reality (AR) technology superimposes computer-generated images onto a user's view of the world, thus incorporating extra information into the real environment. Virtual Reality (VR) technology provides complete immersion through three-dimensional simulated environments that users can interact with in a seemingly real way using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.


Is your business: Experiencing issues with performance and/or quality resulting from poor staff training due to time and resource constraints? Struggling to keep up with old equipment repairs and set up? Reliant on the undocumented knowledge of long-tenured workers who may be nearing retirement? 


  • Providing comprehensive, immersive training applications. With VR and AR technologies, employees can be trained to a standard “best practice,” which will repeat itself flawlessly and not change over time and translation. Resource utilization can be minimized and results tracked automatically to ensure that associates are properly trained to a standard of performance, quality and safety. This helps to ease the transfer of knowledge between employees. It also provides opportunities to practice different scenarios that might arise in production to ensure team members know how to handle a variety of challenges.

  • Guiding workers through repair and operating processes. Manufacturers who invest excessive time into repairing equipment can find help with AR and VR. These innovations provide companies with the ability to regularly service equipment, without the need for a training manual or parts catalog. With all information overlaid onto the machine through a simulation, workers can more easily and efficiently complete step-by-step instructions to repair, start up or shut down equipment.

For manufacturers looking to increase efficiency in training and equipment maintenance, AR or VR could be the solution. To learn more about how these technologies can solve some of your biggest problems, contact or call 888.414.6682.