Attracting a Younger Workforce with Industry 4.0




As we know, Industry 4.0 technologies are changing the way we manufacture goods and how we operate our businesses. For small to medium-sized manufacturers, it is essential to implement these technologies to stay competitive, optimize operations and attract new talent. Speaking of new talent, new tech in your facility is a great way to attract a younger population who is entering the workforce.
Many younger workers are drawn to industries that are seen as modern and innovative. They may be less interested in traditional manufacturing jobs that are perceived as dirty, dangerous and require low-skilled labor. To attract younger workers, manufacturers can capitalize on the new technology by highlighting the benefits it can bring.
Below are a few ways manufacturers can showcase Industry 4.0 to attract younger talent.
  1. Highlight the use of cutting-edge technology. Younger workers are often drawn to companies that use the latest technology. By highlighting the use of Industry 4.0 technologies, manufacturers can appeal to younger workers who are interested in working with these cutting-edge tools.
  2. Emphasize the importance of problem-solving skills. Many Industry 4.0 technologies require workers to have strong problem-solving skills. By emphasizing this aspect of the job, manufacturers can attract younger workers who enjoy solving complex problems.
  3. Stress the importance of sustainability. Many younger workers are passionate about sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. Industry 4.0 technologies improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. This can be a powerful selling point for younger workers who are environmentally conscious.
  4. Offer training and development opportunities. Younger workers are often looking for opportunities to learn and grow in their careers. By offering training and development opportunities, manufacturers can attract younger workers who want to develop new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
  5. Create a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Younger workers value collaboration and inclusivity in the workplace. By creating a work environment that values teamwork and diversity, manufacturers can attract those who are looking for a supportive and positive work culture.
Industry 4.0 technologies not only help your company advance to the future of manufacturing, but they also can be a great tool for attracting new employees, especially from the younger generations. By highlighting the benefits of using these technologies, emphasizing problem-solving skills and sustainability, offering training and development opportunities, and creating a collaborative work environment, manufacturers can attract and, importantly, retain a younger workforce.
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MEET OUR EXPERT: Robert Scipione, Applications Engineer
Scipione_R-web.jpgRobert Scipione is an Applications Engineer at The Center. In his role, Bob facilitates the transfer of knowledge in Smart Manufacturing Technologies to small and mid-sized manufacturers and assists with their Industry 4.0 implementations and strategies. He brings nine years of experience in manufacturing control system design and software development. Bob has worked as both Installation Engineer and Senior Controls Engineer where he gained experience in robotic systems testing and installation, software engineering and integrating new hardware components to existing software.
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