An endless amount of data is created each day in manufacturing facilities, yet not all manufacturers know how to use it, or even collect it. Manufacturers who learn to harness the power of Big Data, or large sets of data gathered from a range of business areas, can use this data to reveal patterns and trends in operations, especially relating to human behavior and interaction, to make more informed, educated business decisions. 


Is your business: Unsure of how your company is performing? Gathering mass amounts of data, but not sure what to do with it? Producing a high number of defects, but can’t find where they originated? Looking to increase cost savings, quality and efficiency?


  • Monitoring product quality and operations. Big Data provides insight into every step of production. By attaching sensors to equipment, workers are able to see and respond to disruptions quickly, or even predictively, to ensure production runs smoothly and correctly. This increased awareness helps lower defects and machine failure, as well as improves product quality.

  • Driving continuous improvement. When gathering and analyzing data from the supply chain, areas in need of improvement will quickly become apparent. Big Data can help inform and drive strategic business decisions and changes, providing a path for success. With this real-time data, workers can more quickly make changes to improve efficiency and quality, ultimately lowering defects and increasing profitability.

  • Enabling demand forecasting. After gathering data for a period of time, manufacturers can look back to identify trends in customer behavior and use this information to predict future demand. By using this data to prepare, stock levels can be reduced and shortages can be avoided.

Big Data provides manufacturers with the flexibility and insight needed to stay prosperous and competitive in the evolving industry landscape. Learn more about how to harness the power of Big Data by contacting or call 888.414.6682.