As interconnectivity and the use of electronic data collection, storage and transmission increase, so too does the risk of cyber-attack. With increased Industry 4.0 adoption and a growing number of organizations being targeted each day for cyber theft, damage or disruption, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be ignored.


Cybersecurity encompasses all measures taken to protect a company from the unauthorized use of electronic data. By safeguarding all hardware, software and information from internal and external threats, manufacturers can stay protected and prosperous while capitalizing on the benefits of the Internet of Things, interconnectivity and other technologies.


Is your business: Fearful of valuable information being stolen? Competing in or trying to gain access to an industry where cybersecurity is a requirement? Recovering from a recent cyber-attack, and looking for ways to prevent another from occurring in the future? 


  • Protecting your data from threats. The first step to establishing cybersecurity is to understand what types of risk your data is facing. This involves identifying which information is valuable to your organization and locating weak points of security in your systems. With this information, potential breaches can then be predicted – or even prevented – to minimize the damage associated with an attack.

  • Increasing your ability to detect, react and recover. Having an incident response plan in place for how to react to any type of attack, whether it be malware, phishing or social engineering, can heighten your company’s chances of survival. Although different risks will be present for each type of technology, it is important to have response plans in place to ensure all bases are covered prior to an attack.

  • Boosting your competitive advantage. Cybersecurity has become a major factor in acquiring and retaining business. As data breaches continue at a rapid rate, companies want to make sure they are doing business with an organization that is protected, providing them with the assurance that your company can be trusted to keep their information safe.

Cybersecurity will only grow in importance in the years to come as manufacturing becomes increasingly dependent on technology. Safeguard your information and get ahead of the competition today by establishing safe cyber practices at your facility. Contact or call 888.414.6682 to get started.