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Drowning in ISO Paperwork? How to Stay Afloat

7/14/2017 - BY: DAVID BRADLEY
ISO 9001:2015 blends documents and records into a single concept called “Documented Information” and no longer requires any documented procedures. If you’re still in the ISO transition phase, you might be thinking that certain procedures for handling documents and records got a lot more complicated—but did they?

ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audits

6/30/2017 - BY: ANDY NICHOLS
Since ISO 9001:2000, it’s become increasingly common to consider that an organization’s Internal Quality Audits be performed using the so-called “Process Approach.” At the time of publication, that particular version of the International Standard for Management Systems contained no description of what the process approach was. The recently introduced 2015 version makes the “Process Approach” a lot clearer.

Risk in ISO 9001:2015 Transition?

6/2/2017 - BY: DALE WICKER
In the ISO 9001:2015 standard there are two basic terms encompassing risk: risk-based thinking and the compound term risk and opportunities. Risk-based thinking is intended to be the system or approach an organization takes when considering risks and opportunities.

Food Allergen Recalls: What’s On the Table?

5/12/2017 - BY: JOHN SPILLSON
The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die each year from foodborne illnesses. Food safety and food testing technology keep getting better, yet recalls have been on the rise. Why? While many recalls are for unsafe/contaminated food, many times it’s due to allergens. In fact, one third of all recalls are due to the mislabeling of allergens in food products.

Use Green Manufacturing and Sustainability to Reduce Costs

4/28/2017 - BY: DAVID BRADLEY
As costs continue to rise and customers repeatedly seek price reductions, it’s no surprise that manufacturing profits are feeling the pinch. That’s why it’s critical for businesses to look into environmental performance as a means to save money.

A Message for Management: Leverage Your QMS to Maximize Success

3/3/2017 - BY: DAVID BRADLEY
If executed properly, a business plan can help increase profits and the likelihood of your organization’s long-term success. Do you know that your Quality Management System (QMS) was designed to work in conjunction with your business plan? It’s true.

Using Your ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to Implement the 2015 Requirements

2/10/2017 - BY: ANDY NICHOLS
The 1974 David Bowie song suggests the singer has to “turn and face the strange,” and at first sight, some of the new requirements for ISO 9001:2015 might look like a “Space Oddity.” There’s the addition of “risk,” nothing about any documented procedures, quality manual or even that the role of the “management representative” is missing. And, what about the new layout?

Flight "AS9100D" Has Not Departed Yet

12/9/2016 - BY: ANDY NICHOLS
The arrival of the latest version of the Aerospace Standard for Quality Management Systems, AS9100D, in October was highly anticipated—after all, its publication had been delayed a couple of times during 2016. Now, some organizations in the aerospace supply chain are eager to get started on the changes needed to their quality management system.

QMS True North

11/18/2016 - THE CENTER
When navigating by map and compass, it is important to be aware of magnetic declination. The magnetic north is not located at the North Pole, so more than likely, your compass is not truly pointing north. You need to adjust your compass reading and account for the difference to find True North.

Think Strategically, Act Tactically With ISO 9001:2015

11/11/2016 - THE CENTER
You are in business for a reason. One of those reasons involves the successful setting and achieving of long-range goals. And, in order to achieve those goals, strategic plans were executed.  From a business standpoint, tactical day-to-day operations, which are short term, need to support the strategic plans of an organization.

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