During National Manufacturing Month and Every Day, We’re Strengthening Michigan’s Manufacturing Sect


shutterstock_261534164-mfg-month-(1).jpgAt MMTC, we believe in manufacturing’s power to create a brighter future, and the statistics are on our side: Every dollar invested in manufacturing adds roughly $2.60 to the U.S. economy. American exports have doubled in the past two decades, up to $1.6T in 2022. Manufacturing is also a growing source of quality careers with advancement potential and annual total compensation averaging $95,000. Remarkably, the robust domestic manufacturing sector is run primarily by small businesses—75% of which have fewer than 20 employees. It’s never been more clear—manufacturing is a crucial part of our economy, a potent job creator, and the foundation of a strong and resilient nation, and we must expand and enrich this critical industry. 

As global competition steadily increases, we must use every tool we have to prepare our manufacturing sector for whatever tomorrow brings. Initiatives like National Manufacturing Day and National Manufacturing Month are crucial to helping manufacturers develop the talent they need today and to excel in the future. They also show policymakers and stakeholders the challenges facing the industry and drive them to create programs and solutions to support growth. Observances like National Manufacturing Month can also be used as a tool to connect manufacturers for information sharing, collaboration, and advocacy. Finally, highlighting the importance of manufacturing instills pride and a sense of accomplishment in those doing the work every day to bring Michigan- and American-made products to market and keeps them striving to create even better, more innovative, and higher-quality outputs. 

MMTC was proud to recognize National Manufacturing Month in many ways this year. We hosted various student groups across Michigan to demonstrate the potential for exciting and innovative careers in manufacturing. We held courses for manufacturers to learn how to upskill their staff, leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to enhance their business, promote quality and efficiency, and, ultimately, stay competitive in a changing marketplace. We partnered with manufacturers to open factory doors for industry professionals and students alike and help them see firsthand the tremendous capabilities that our Michigan manufacturers possess. Collectively, we celebrated the industry that built our state, brought us all together, and that will influence our communities and economy for generations to come. Thank you to the partners and participants who made Manufacturing Month 2023 a tremendous success!

While Manufacturing Month may be time limited, MMTC’s commitment to Michigan manufacturers is demonstrated every day through our course offerings, consulting services, informational blogs and articles, and technology opportunity assessments. Our staff have decades of hands-on experience in a range of manufacturing fields and are dedicated to applying their knowledge and expertise to any problem or challenge manufacturers identify. From improving safety or enhancing workplace cultures to implementing stringent ISO standards or integrating automation, MMTC is manufacturers’ one-stop shop for optimizing their businesses. To learn more about what MMTC can offer your company, get in touch here or view our upcoming course schedule. We can’t wait to connect with you and help you move closer to your manufacturing goals.


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