October 2023

During National Manufacturing Month and Every Day, We’re Strengthening Michigan’s Manufacturing Sector

10/30/2023 At MMTC, we believe in manufacturing’s power to create a brighter future, and the statistics are on our side: Every dollar invested in manufacturing adds roughly $2.60 to the U.S. economy.

Planning for the Planned and Unplanned: Automotive Shutdowns & Restarts

10/27/2023 - BY: CHUCK WERNER
As a consequence of the ongoing strike and negotiations between the UAW and the American Auto Manufacturers, many suppliers to the OEMs (and suppliers to those suppliers) are seeing decreases in demand that could result in the idling of lines or even entire facilities. Driven by the voice of the customer (VOC) and in the best interest of the business, it was necessary to have a plan for how these functions were to be conducted.