October 2018

Keep Your Employees Engaged – Before It’s Too Late

10/26/2018 By: Mike Beels Although many don’t realize it, one of the most valuable assets a company can have is its personnel. The staff can make or break a business based on their level of commitment, motivation and interest in their work. While engaging employees already is a complicated skill to master, incoming generations of workers are bringing with them new expectations and desires for the workplace, making it even more difficult to keep all employees engaged. In fact, the number of employees looking to leave their current job is higher among millennials, with 48% saying they will likely look for a new job in the next three months and 56% in the next 12 months.

5 Steps to Cyber Safety: IT Perspective

10/19/2018 By: Jeff Williams We recently posted a blog detailing how business leaders could safeguard their companies from cyber-attacks. This week, we will focus on IT-related steps to help ensure your business is protected from cyber-attacks. Make sure your systems are up to date. While the world of ever-evolving technology may make lives easier and more efficient, it also can leave individuals and businesses at greater risk of issues due to outdated software. New threats and problems in software are identified daily, and it is critical that these points of access are removed.

Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Business

10/12/2018 By: Chuck Werner In past posts, we’ve talked about the relevance and applications of implementing technology, highlighting the advantages that such innovations can bring to manufacturers of all sizes. But what does it actually look like when these technologies are leveraged to improve a business? For a more detailed picture, let’s take a quick walk through the stages of business maturity. There are several different maturity models for business development, but the one we will use is outlined below: Some say the journey is the most important part, but having a destination is the only way to know when you “get there.

5 Steps to Cyber Safety: Business Perspective

10/5/2018 By: Jeff Williams The number of cybercrime victims grows by 2.7 million every day, or 1,861 victims a minute. The total global cost of cyber-attacks in 2018 so far exceeds $600 billion, with organizations spending $8 billion a year on ransomware alone. It is clear that the risk of cybersecurity continues to grow, with a variety of agencies from the Department of Defense to the Automotive Industry Action Group mandating new industry-wide standards for cybersecurity. As businesses of all types and sizes are vulnerable to these attacks, the time is now to establish safe cyber practices to ensure companies can operate securely in the increasingly technology-dependent business landscape.