Recognizing the Vital Role of Quality Management During World Quality Week and Month


From November 6th-10th, manufacturers globallyqms-blog-(1).png recognized World Quality Week and celebrated the role of quality management professionals in establishing systems and best practices that move our industry forward; many companies continue this recognition throughout the entire month. This year’s theme was “Realizing your Competitive Potential,” a topic especially relevant to Michigan manufacturers as they tap into emerging industries and secure our state’s manufacturing future. Thus far in 2023, MMTC has helped countless companies integrate industry 4.0 technology and build resilience into their operations, and World Quality Week is a reminder that enhancing quality strategies is just as critical.  A comprehensive and continuous improvement-focused quality management program is the best way to thrive in our ever-changing industry. Below are three ways to raise awareness in your organization about the importance of quality management—and the professionals behind the work—this month and all year long. 

Celebrate Your Successes
It’s easier to build momentum and motivate staff when you are focused on the positive vs. making yet another list of necessary improvements. No matter what the current state of your quality program may be, identify what has worked well and use it to garner support at every level for even bigger efforts. Your quality management team will receive the recognition they deserve, and you will raise awareness across your organization about quality practices and how they can influence nearly every department or process. 

Commit to Change
Change is constant in manufacturing, from production tools to quality management approaches. Ensure you reap the maximum rewards of your quality program by keeping abreast of new standards, approaches, and technologies in your sector. Pursue a grant to help your quality team upgrade their skills and certifications, invest in new technologies like artificial intelligence that can boost the quality of your processes and outputs, and communicate with customers and partners regularly to see what is and isn’t working about your processes or products and adapt as their needs evolve.   

Create a Culture of Quality 
Improving your quality goes beyond training, certification, and audits. Employees throughout the organization must be empowered to identify risks and problems, elevate them to senior leaders, and propose solutions. Establishing a culture where everyone feels confident reviewing their work processes with a critical eye—and providing them the knowledge and background to do so effectively—will ensure quality management is a shared responsibility and an integral part of your operations vs. a task delegated to a single team or professional. 

MMTC provides consulting services and courses to help you assess your existing quality management processes, pursue quality-related training and certifications, incorporate new software or technology, and much more. Connect with us today to learn how our personalized approach can ensure your business is ready to maintain a competitive edge today and tomorrow.  

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