Become more Marketable with Green Manufacturing



Kermit the Frog famously says, “It’s not easy being green.” With all do respect to Kermit, it’s easier than you think!

The “green” movement is the sister of sustainability. Sustainability, or green manufacturing, means working within
become more marketable with green manufacturing the means of natural ecosystems without causing harm to others or jeopardizing future needs. It also means reducing environmental impact and cultivating renewable resources.
For Michigan’s manufacturers, green manufacturing focuses on using less energy, fewer production materials and less packaging. Waste is inevitable in most production processes, but green manufacturing creates safer waste products which are less harmful to the environment and uses sustainable materials that are renewable and not finite.
The many benefits of green manufacturing can be broken down into two main categories: Business Benefits and Environmental Benefits.
Bottom-line Performance
Heightened awareness of environmental issues is driving demand for green products. Many consumers want products that are produced with green processes. Going green is nice, but not if it hinders your ability to compete in the realities of the marketplace. With the right approach and defined goals, green manufacturing holds potential economic benefits including long-term cost savings and process efficiency improvements. Green manufacturing can also grow your customer base and existing sales.
A variety of lower costs can also be byproducts of green manufacturing. Reduced energy consumption cuts energy bills, which is a sore subject for many manufacturers. Waste removal and storage are often reduced as well. Green compliant companies can also take advantage of various tax credits for federal income tax purposes.
Let’s look ahead to the future! Green manufacturing and sustainability are important issues to younger generations who may look to purchase products from environmentally responsible companies. Many consumers and suppliers feel a personal responsibility to preserve the world. Improved customer loyalty often results from green manufacturing. Green techniques can also be used in marketing campaigns with the goal of attracting segments of the market that were previously untapped.
Environmental Impact
If the manufacturing community focused more on green manufacturing, future generations will most likely benefit from:
      Fewer landfills
      Improved air and water quality
      Use of renewable energy sources
      Reduced impact on the overall environment

MMTC offers onsite consulting and assistance to help you become a green manufacturer. Onsite consulting can range from individual or small group training and mentoring to complete implementation projects throughout the facility. If you are interested in transitioning your company to green operations, or would like to consult with an expert about your company’s potential, call 888-414-6682 or email

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