July 2023

Reshoring and Nearshoring: Challenges and Opportunities

The latest Capterra Supplier Relationship Survey underscores the complexity of today’s global supply chains. This tells us it isn’t as simple as identifying a solution.

ISO 9001 Certification (Part 4): Oh No! We Have a Non-Conformity!

7/14/2023 - BY: ANDY NICHOLS
Now that we’ve covered the cost of ISO certification, what the audit process entails and how to choose a conformity assessment body (CAB) let’s dive into non-conformities! It is important to know what they are, how they can be reported and what to do post non-conformity. At some point in the ISO 9001 certification process, the CAB auditor may observe and report a situation they deem to be a non-conformity. If this happens, it shouldn’t be viewed by anyone as a failure. Because it isn’t.

Information Systems 101

7/7/2023 - BY: CHUCK WERNER
As technology continues to advance, one of our top priorities at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) is to support manufacturers through their selection of business information systems. From our analysis of more than 500 technology opportunity assessments around the state, we have found roughly 80% of participants have an information system and nearly 90% of those strongly dislike the system they have.