July 2017

Key Ways Manufacturers Can Improve Profitability

7/28/2017 - BY: CHERYL BURT
The goal of any manufacturer is simple—be successful. This can be measured in many ways (happiness, money, health), but in terms of running a business, profit is essential for survival. Fortunately, there are four simple steps that any manufacturer can take to help ensure that their company avoids money troubles.

Unlock Your Company's Potential

7/21/2017 - BY: GEORGE SINGOS
Most small to mid-sized manufacturers think they’re doing enough to help their business thrive, but the reality is—they aren’t. So, how can you tell if you’re doing your part to maximize your organization’s success.

Drowning in ISO Paperwork? How to Stay Afloat

7/14/2017 - BY: DAVID BRADLEY
ISO 9001:2015 blends documents and records into a single concept called “Documented Information” and no longer requires any documented procedures. If you’re still in the ISO transition phase, you might be thinking that certain procedures for handling documents and records got a lot more complicated—but did they?

Build (and Maintain) a Thriving Business

7/7/2017 - BY: RON QUINKERT
Align Your Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. Most businesses are formed because of an owner’s vision. But, what happens when that vision isn’t conveyed to the employees, and it doesn’t evolve into a carefully drafted mission statement and strategic plan? Unfortunately, this is a common problem—and it sets up the business to fail.