Customer Service Matters: 10 Ways to Give Your Clients 110%



The New Year is a time for goal setting and learning from (and correcting) past mistakes. It’s also the perfect time to re-evaluate how you can improve your customer service. A positive experience will leave a lasting impression. Start 2017 off in a memorable way—by giving your clients the red-carpet treatment. Here’s how:

Tricia’s Top 10 Customer Service Tips
10. Ask for Feedback – Whether you collect feedback from a survey or a phone call, you may be surprised what you learn from your clients. Take time to regularly review the feedback and determine areas needing improvement. Make specific changes when necessary.

9. Be Responsive – When clients ask for more information or need to resolve an issue, there’s nothing worse than non-responsiveness. Always follow-up in a timely manner (no exceptions).

8. Be Respectful – Customer service often can involve emotions, so it's important to make sure your interactions are both courteous and respectful. Never let your emotions overtake your desire to have a satisfied client.

7. Say Thank You – Gratitude is memorable, and it can remind your clients why they chose your company in the first place. Saying thank you after each meeting (via phone or in-person) is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate positive customer service.

6. Listen to Problems – The best way to learn is to listen. Encourage your clients to openly express their concerns and problems about their business.

5. Recommend – If you’ve taken the time to get to know your clients, you can effectively gauge the type of products and/or services they need the most. For example, use your customer service expertise to the best of your ability by recommending a training class or a new service offering. Your clients will appreciate the suggestions.

4. Put Your Clients’ Needs First – How can you help your clients? Ask. Start a conversation because you care about helping—not because of a sales quota.

3. Build Relationships – Your clients want a trusted advisor who is looking out for their best interests. Remember, it takes time to build, cultivate and maintain successful relationships.

2. Know Your Products/Services – To provide the best service possible, you need to thoroughly understand the value of your company’s products and/or services and be able to clearly articulate that value to your clients.

1. Smile! – Customer service should always start with a smile. When you’re in a face-to-face situation, a warm greeting should be the first thing your clients see. Make a point to smile over the phone, too, because it comes through in your voice.


Tricia Onesian, Inside Sales Representative
Tricia became passionate about working with clients more than 25 years ago in various customer service and management positions at paper manufacturing and warehousing companies. Since joining The Center in 2016, Tricia has been enthusiastic about sharing how Michigan manufacturers can enhance quality, improve efficiency and propel growth. She is currently certified in ISO/TS 16949 Internal Auditor Training and as a Lean Manufacturing Champion.  
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