The Power of Mentorship

“Mentor” is often used as a buzzword more often than something that is acted upon. However, mentorship can be a great way to engage employees, new and old, while also benefiting the company.
In today’s landscape, engaging and retaining employees has become challenging. New generations entering the workforce have different expectations and mindsets. It is crucial that management teams adapt to the changes and implement new initiatives that will attract, retain and engage staff.
Early in my career, the company I worked for had a robust mentoring program. Each new employee was paired with a professional from various offices throughout the U.S. Our mentors were trusted people who we could go to for career advice, whether it be about salary, performance, or just general questions about the corporate world.
This program enabled me to make a strong connection with my mentor. I felt comfortable asking questions I wouldn’t necessarily ask my boss. The mentorship program gave staff support and allowed me to feel less alone if I was having a rough time adapting to my new role or struggling with a project.
Being a mentor is also very rewarding. It engages current staff and can renew their sense of purpose within their career. Mentors can offer advice based on their years of experience, allowing them to feel valued and important outside of their typical job duties.
Implementing a mentorship program is a great way to engage employees and provide an extra layer of support. It also allows staff to bond and build connections with one another. Having a program in place can attract new team members and be used as a talent development tool. Succession planning is an essential part of business and having mentors in place can harness leadership skills that can be beneficial for internal promotions.
In addition, a mentoring program shows staff that leadership wants to invest in their team and values career development and employee retention. This can decrease turnover rates and improve morale.
Overall, mentoring provides plenty of benefits for little to no cost. Taking the time to build and implement a program will not only help the organization grow, but it also will build a culture of support and trust among the team.
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) can help your leadership team strengthen their skills and create a strong culture. Check out upcoming leadership courses here and reach out to our experts to see if mentoring is the right step for your organization.
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