February 2017

HPP: The Future of Food Preservation is Now

2/24/2017 - BY: JOHN SPILLSON
High Pressure Processing, or HPP, has gained a great deal of popularity lately driven by foodies demanding higher quality products, increased shelf life and “clean” processing. This preservation process has been known to triple the shelf life of many food products without the use of chemicals, and without reducing the taste or flavor profile of the product itself.

How Manufacturers are Improving Cost Identification and Management Estimates

2/17/2017 - BY: ROB STAUFFER, MBA, PMP
Improving cost identification is one of the most crucial elements involved in driving your organization towards operational excellence and success. With the manufacturing sector evolving to a whole new level of functionality, manufacturers now are finding themselves under pressure to optimize budgets, quality and efficiency, while keeping up with the latest technological trends and adapting to market conditions.

Using Your ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to Implement the 2015 Requirements

2/10/2017 - BY: ANDY NICHOLS
The 1974 David Bowie song suggests the singer has to “turn and face the strange,” and at first sight, some of the new requirements for ISO 9001:2015 might look like a “Space Oddity.” There’s the addition of “risk,” nothing about any documented procedures, quality manual or even that the role of the “management representative” is missing. And, what about the new layout?

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